Petra Jordan: One of the 7 Wonders of the World

There’s no surprise that Petra, Jordan, was voted one of the World’s New 7 Wonders. One trip to this stunning sight, and you’ll understand why!

Petra, Jordan – A Popular Tourist Attraction

Probably the most famous attraction in Jordan, Petra is visited by millions of tourists yearly. There are various unique tours that catering to tourists, including walking tours, horse tours, donkey tours, and even camel tours. There’s no lack of souvenirs to buy, and hearing the theme song to the Indiana Jones movie can be heard from just about any canyon during the hike.

Though the famous Treasury is what most people think of, there are actually many other sights to see as well. The Monastery, at the top of your hike is as equally stunning as the Treasury, with a view to die for!  The Royal Tombs, cliffs, and rock staircase are also must sees while you are there.

Petra Traveling Tips

If you chose to hike the entire path up to the top, be prepared to spend the entire day inside the attraction. If you are crazy like me and decide to make the trip during the dead heat of the summer, here are some important tips:

  • Drink LOTS of water! I think it was almost 42 degrees C. when I was there and, water was my best friend! There are tons of places along the hike to buy bottled water, but be prepared to pay. Bringing at least a litre with you is a must!
  • Sunscreen, hat, cool clothes, and hiking shoes should be on the TOP of your list
  • Be prepared to say NO! We all seem to have a difficult time saying no to begging children, but they are the biggest salesmen on the tour. Don’t be afraid to say no or you’ll be saying yes the entire way.
  • START EARLY in the morning. The peak of afternoon sun can be deadly.
  • If you plan on staying all day, make sure to catch the sunset at the top. It is unbelievable!


The Treasury

Camels at Petra, Jordan


The Monastry

Wadi Rum

Me at Petra

Indiana Jones, Anyone?

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