Upgraded to Heaven, aka Business Class


I’ve been traveling a LOOOOOONG time! I can honestly say that I’ve flown pretty much every major airline and most smaller ones too, and this past trip was the FIRST time in my life in which I was upgraded.

The Joys of Being Upgraded

I’m still not quite sure exactly how it happened, but some blessings come in mysterious ways.

For the big summer trip to the States and Canada, we flew LOT Polish Airlines, which was also my first time flying with them.  I was a bit cautious at first, not knowing them well, but as I would come to find out, it was a terrific experience.

As I always do, I checked us in online 24 hours before the flight.  I like to choose my seats and be as prepared as I can to fly.  To my surprise, seats were available in the Premium Business Section.  At first I thought it was a mistake, as usually you have to pay extra for them. But as I continued with the process they were free.

As we were boarding the flight, we were seated in our Premium Seats.  To say this upgrade was amazing would be an understatement.  Considering it was an overnight flight, and sleeping for extended periods of time is impossible in economy seating, our reclining seats and leg lifts were a God-sent.  We were offered drinks as soon as we sat. The full-course meal was incredible. And the plane, itself, was a brand new, state-of-the-art “Dream Liner” as they call it. Overall, it was the best gift of an upgrade I had ever received!

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

After talking with the flight attendant at the airport on our return trip, where sadly we were NOT upgraded, we found out that our first flight was overbooked and we were the first ones to grab the upgraded seats!

Here’s the lesson: ALWAYS see if you can find free upgrades when choosing seats during online-check in.  You really never know where these little gems are hidden. And believe me, you’ll enjoy them tremendously if you get them!

P.S. Thanks LOT for the Free Upgrade on my first leg of the trip, but if you really want me to sing your praises, an upgrade on the return flight would have been appreciated! As well as no issues at the counter,

Polish Airlines


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