I Need to Travel, Do You?!?

need to travel

It’s been two months since my last trip, and I’m already feeling that anxious need to go again! The need to travel! 

Need to Travel Bug

For those of you whom traveling is in your blood, you know how I’m feeling. It’s that restlessness of being home for just too long. The itch to hit the road and see somewhere new. That excitement of packing, boarding a plane, and looking for that new adventure.  It’s the travel bug!

I usually get the bug 2-3 months after my last trip. And as a result, I’m a travel junkie. Sometimes it can be cured by a short weekend trip, just getting out of the city. But living in a country the size of New Jersey, there’s only so many short trips you can take.

Yep, I need the stress of the airport. And the anxiety of security questionings. And the packing and re-packing of suitcases. All the joys of traveling. But, they also come with experiencing new cultures. Taking lots of cool pictures. Making new memories. The true joys of traveling!

So here I am, in the two month itch. I’m trying to hold out for three, but we’ll just have to see 🙂

How often do you get the travel bug?

Need to travel camel

6 Comments on “I Need to Travel, Do You?!?

  1. Just catching up with my reading but I totally get it.

    I usually travel an inane amount for work which gives me the luxury of free travel for fun. However, since July I have done virtually no travel except for a day in NYC in which I attempted to cram 4 days worth of fun into.

    As a card carrying member of the Travel Junkies Society (TJS) I like you, think it is critically important to travel frequently to new places. 🙂

    My next stop I’m thinking may be a trip to London. Hmmm. Yeah, I’m ready to go.

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