RV Travel in Europe

RV travel isn’t just popular in the US, it has become extremely popular in Europe too! Families are getting out and exploring Europe in motorhomes and campervans by the thousands. We thought we’d give it a try and took a 2-week RV trip from Rome to Paris . And it exceeded all our expectations!

So if you’d like to learn more about RV travel throughout Europe, we’re here to help! We’ve documented our RV travels with lots of valuable tips, hidden gems, and more in our RV Travel in Europe Travel Guides. Get started planning your next family RV trip today.

We also document all our RV adventures on our Instagram page – Hochdorf Family Travel, with even more travel gems over there. So if you’re on IG, follow along for even more RV travel tips. And you might even get some fun RV FREEBIES along the way! 

(And if you’re planning an RV trip in the US, check out our RV Travel in the United States Travel Guides here)

The Ultimate Europe RV Trip: Rome to Paris

If you’re looking at taking a European RV Trip, our Ultimate Europe Travel Guide is where you should begin. Our overview guide takes you in-depth into every aspect of our 2-week RV trip. From the route we took, campgrounds we stayed at, cities we visited, national parks, landmarks, hidden gems, and more, this guide has EVERYTHING you know to get started.

The Ultimate Europe RV Trip

1. How to Find Awesome RV Campgrounds in Europe

Our first European RV Travel Guide provides all the tools and tips you need to find and book campgrounds for your RV trip. From epic campgrounds to boondocking sites and French Aires, we’v got you covered! Remove the stress from planning your trip and just get ready to have some fun!

How to find Awesome RV Campgrounds in Europe

2. Rome in a Day

Rome was our first stop on our RV trip through Italy and Paris. In this travel guide, we’ll help you plan a day in Rome, show you where you can camp just outside the city, and how to reach the city from the campground. It’s full of tips to guide you on your day:

Rome in a Day

3. Why You Should Add Pisa to Your Italy Road Trip

Should you add Pisa to your Italy Road Trip? If you’re on the fence about making a stop in Pisa, this guide will help you make that decision with site recommendations, city and driving tips, and where to camp in an RV while you’re there. Plus lots more tips about the sites inside the city.

Why you should add Pisa to your Italy road trip

4. How to See All 5 Villages of Cinque Terre in a Day

The next stop on our Europe RV trip was Cinque Terre – one of the most beautiful stops in Italy. Because cars aren’t allowed inside the villages, you must use public transportation. In this guide, we provide tips and recommendations for visiting all 5 villages in a day by either train, boat, or foot. And of course, lots more info for your trip to Cinque Terre.

How to see all 5 villages of Cinque Terre in a day

5. 5 of the BEST Cote d’Azur Cities You Need to See on a Europe RV Trip

Heading along the French Riviera, there are many fabulous stops to make on an RV trip. But if you want to see the BEST stops, we’ve got them for you! From small villages up in the French mountains to glorious beach cities, each one has its own charm. And let’s not forget the yummy food too! Get started planning your next trip to Cote d’Azur with our guide:

5 Best Cote d'Azur cities

6. How to Explore France’s Hidden Gem – The Gorges du Verdon

Looking for that one-of-a-kind hidden gem during your RV Travel in Europe? Then you need to add the Gorges du Verdon to your list. This AMAZING spot in the south of France will blow you away! Here’s everything you need to know about these spectacular gorges:

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