Family Travel Destinations

Looking for new travel destinations for your next family adventure? Check our travel tips and recommendations around the world and start planning your next trip. From city travel and road trips to getting out in nature to national parks and RV trips, we’ve got adventures for every type of family.

Family Travel Destinations: Family Travel Guides

Since we’ve been traveling as a family since Mia was 3 months old, we racked up a few miles over the years. And we’ve also been able to visit some INCREDIBLE countries, states, and cities too. So make sure you check out our popular family travel guides covering these destinations:

Botswana – If you’re planning on taking an African safari trip, Botswana is one of the BEST countries to do it. Check out our Botswana Travel Guides.

Brazil – After living in Rio de Janeiro for 5 years and traveling around the country, here are some Brazil Travel Guides I’ve put together.

Family Travel Destinations in Europe

Bulgaria – Did you know that Bulgaria was the very first country Mia vacationed in as a baby? Here are some Bulgaria Travel Guides for this underrated travel gem.

Cyprus – The tiny island of Cyprus is special to us, not only because it’s a great family travel destination, but it was also where we got married! Learn more about this country with our Cyprus Travel Guides.

Czech Republic – If you’re heading to Prague, there’s just so much to see! Make sure you read through our Czech Republic Travel Guides before heading out.

France – France is just one of those countries where you can return multiple times and still not even begin to cover it. And that’s why we keep going back for more! Check out our France Travel Guides before you visit the country of amor!

Germany – Although the beer is good, there’s really soooo much more to the country than beer and shnitzel. Here’s where you can find our Germany Travel Guides.

Greece – Opa! We LOVE Greece! There’s just so much to love! Make sure to check out our Greece Travel Guides + our Ultimate Guide to Athens for Families.

Italy – There’s one country that we’ve visited more than any other, and that’s Italy! And trust us, we’ll be back for more! Here are our Italy Travel Guides for your next Italian trip.

Poland – Poland is steeped with history and one of those countries you should visit once in your lifetime. Here are our Poland Travel Guides.

Malta – This tiny island country is another one dear to our hearts – it’s where Yaron and I met. Learn more about what to do and see in this fantastic country with our Malta Travel Guides.

Spain – Another one of our favorite European countries to visit, Spain has so many incredible places and cities to add to your trip. Start here with our Spain Travel Guides.

Israel – After living in the Holy Land for 15 years, we have everything you need to know about a trip to this historic country. Here are our Israel Travel Guides.

Family Travel Destinations in the US

Arizona – Welcome to the desert state of AZ! Come join us as we explore this incredible southwest state in our Arizona Travel Guides.

Florida – Yes, it is the home of Disney World, but there’s also so much more to this gorgeous state! Check out all there is in our Florida Travel Guides.

Las Vegas – The city that never sleeps! If you’re wondering what there is to do in Vegas besides gambling, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Las Vegas Guides – jam packed of fun activities for the whole family!

Michigan – Not only my home state, but an incredible place to visit as a family! Let us show you around Pure Michigan with our Michigan Travel Guides.

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