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Hi and welcome to Mommy Mo Adventures! My family travel and adventures have been taking me all around the world, starting as a single traveler and then on  to couples travel. But it has all led me to family travel…

My Travel & Adventure History

I’ve lived overseas my entire adult life: Brazil ➡ Botswana ➡ Israel, so traveling and adventuring have become second nature to me. I first spent 5 years in Rio de Janeiro, teaching at an international school and volunteering in the local community. Rio was my first international love, and will always remain so. I learned to love the life of an ex-pat and traveling to new places.

I then ventured to Botswana, Africa where I worked for 2 years in the non-profit sector. Africa changed me. It changed me to my core. It was honestly the transformation point in my life, and the impact she had on me will forever be engraved in my soul. There are moments when I miss the smell and crave the simplicity of Africa, where time can simply stand still.

After Botswana, I moved to Israel, where I currently live as a wife and mom. I started a non-profit, working with African refugees in Tel Aviv, where I worked for 5 years before getting married and starting a family of my own.

Family Travels and Adventures

Now that I’m married and am a mom, I’m focused on raising my daughter to understand the value in travel. Being a mom is my greatest adventure and biggest challenge, but the reward is beyond worth it! I’m learning how to balance mom life, writer life, travel life and family life – with a few adventures in between.

Join me as I navigate life as an overseas mom, world family travel and adventure enthusiast and simply a woman just trying to be the best wife and mom she can be.

To Travel the World is to Open your Heart. Let’s open ours together.

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  1. I am also addicted to travelling to new countries and learning all about their cultures and the people and food. Hope you have a fabulous adventure and fun on all your travels. I am really enjoying reading about everything you get up to.

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