Arizona Travel Guides

Our Arizona travel guides will help you plan your next Arizona family vacation. From its desert landscapes to the incredible canyons and national parks in the north, there’s something for everyone. And love exploring cities? Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona, Flagstaff, Scottsdale – all fantastic places worth visiting! We’ve got the Grand Canyon state’s hidden gem and hiking list covered, too!

Below you will find our travel guides for RV trips, national parks, campgrounds, activities for kids, and a complete road trip itinerary guide.

Arizona Road Trips

Phoenix to Las Vegas Road Trip Ultimate Guide: 10 Incredible Stops

Looking to hit the road with a fun road trip to Vegas? We’ve got you covered! In this guide, we share the routes to take, stops to make, and all the details to make your Phoenix to Las Vegas road trip an unforgettable one.

Phoenix to Las Vegas Road Trip

Phoenix to Albuquerque Road Trip Guide + 13 Incredible Stops

Another awesome road trip from Phoenix is to neighboring state, New Mexico. This guide covers everything you need to know about taking a road trip from Phoenix to Albuquerque and Santa Fe from routes, stops, EV charging info and more. Make sure to check this out before hitting the road!

Phoenix to Albuquerque Road trip

10-Day Arizona Road Trip Itinerary

Our AZ Road Trip Itinerary is a culmination of our entire 10-day road trip to form one huge ULTIMATE Arizona Road Trip Guide. In this guide, we help you plan your next AZ road trip with TIPS and RECOMMENDATIONS for each place we traveled to, where we stayed, prices, traveling distances, and more. You can even get a FREE 10-Day Arizona Road Trip Itinerary ebook with even more info and travel gems.

10 day Arizona Road Trip Itinerary

Arizona RV Trip

We took an epic 10-day Arizona RV trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon – and everywhere in between. Our RV Travel Guide Series takes you deep into our trip with tips and personal experiences to help you rent an RV and plan your next family trip. Check out our Arizona travel guides for more information on how to rent an RV for a fantastic road trip:

Everything You Need to Know about Renting an RV for Your RV Trip

We start out our RV trip in Arizona series with key tips about what you need to know about renting an RV. There’s just so much that goes into picking an RV that fits your family, and we’ve got it all covered here:

Renting an RV in Arizona

Renting an RV: What You Need to Know about Your RV BEFORE Hitting the Road

Now that you’ve chosen your rental RV, here are some key tips about what you need to know about the RV before hitting the road. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you’re already on the road.

What to know about your RV for your Arizona road trip

Renting an RV: How to Have a Successful First Day on the Road

First day on the road on your first RV trip? It is new and exciting, but it can also be overwhelming with all the new things to know and remember. Here’s your help on how to hit the road successfully on your first day!

How to have a successful first day on the road

Arizona Travel Guides: National Parks

Looking to add some national parks to your next trip? Arizona has some of the most incredible ones in the country to see. Check out our National Park guides to get you started started:

Top 7 Things To Do in Tonto National Forest

It’s no secret that we absolutely love the Tonto National Forest! There is so much to see and do there – hiking, water activities, unique family activities, national parks and more. Here are our TOP activities to do in Tonto:

Arizona Travel Guides: Top 7 Things to do in Tonto National Forest

Must-See Arizona Arizona National Parks to Visit on Your RV Trip

Arizona is home to some of the most SPECTACULAR National parks in the country, and here are the ones that you should definitely add to your AZ trip!

National Parks in Arizona to Visit

Arizona Travel Guides: Camping

4 Epic Arizona Campgrounds

Who’s ready to get their camping vibes on? Camping is such a fantastic family activity but is sometimes difficult to plan. Where to camp? What sites to choose? When do I need to reserve a site? We’ve got the answers to those questions in our AZ Campgrounds Travel Guide:

4 Epic Arizona Campgrounds

Kids Activities for an RV Trip

Ready for your next RV trip but not quite sure how to keep the kiddos busy?!? Check out our complete guide, filled with fun activities for kids of all ages!

Arizona Travel Guides: Kids activities for an RV trip

Arizona Travel Guides: Hiking

Best Hikes for Every Hiking Level in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona is one of the BEST states to hike in, including the great city of Phoenix. If you’re looking for some awesome hikes in the Valley, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a beginner, moderate, or advanced hiker, we’ve got hikes for you! Check out our Phoenix Hiking guide:

ARizona travel guides: Best hikes for every hiking level in Phoenix Arizona

Everything You Need to Know about Hiking Camelback Mountain

And if you’re ready to conquer the KING of all Phoenix trails, check out our hiking guide on Camelback Mountain’s Echo Canyon Trail. It’s got everything you need to know before hitting the trail:

Arizona Travel Guides: Wildlife

The Best Places to Find the Salt River Wild Horses

Arizona isn not exactly equated with wildlife, but guess what? It has incredible wildlife to see. From desert animals like snakes and coyotes to forest animals such as bears, mountain lions, and deer, you can definitely see some incredible wildlife in this state!

Winter in Arizona

Polar Express Train Ride in Williams, AZ

Arizona isn’t just a hot, dry desert. It’s full of wonderful winter activities too! And one of the best activities is heading to Williams for the holiday Polar Express Trail Ride. In this guide, we answer the question: Is the Polar Express worth it? Find out here:

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