Michigan Travel Guides

Michigan is one of the gem states, especially if you know where to go! From Detroit to Kalamazoo and all the way up to the Upper Peninsula (UP – yes, that’s you-pee for all of you out-of-staters), our Michigan travel guides will help you plan an incredible family trip!

Winter Michigan Travel Guides

Best Snowsuit for Kids? How to Keep Your Kids Warm and Happy in the Snow

Let’s face it – Michigan winters can be brutal! But they can also be the best snowy playground for kids. So when those MI temps drop and the snow days come, here’s our solution to keep your kids warm and happy when they’re playing outside in the snow.

Summer Michigan Travel Guides

Mackinac Island – The Ultimate Michigan Summer Experience

Heading up to Mackinac Island in the summer is one of those vacations that should be on everyone’s bucket list! Did you know cars are not allowed on the island? Polish off your bicycle riding skills and get ready to start planning this incredible summer experience.

Detroit Tigers Baseball Game

Is there anything more summer than heading to a baseball game? Take me out to the ballgame – a Detroit Tigers Ballgame to be exact! If you want to experience Detroit in the summer, taking in a ballgame should definitely be on your list!

Michigan Travel Guides: Detroit Tigers Baseball Game

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