Can You Really Go Ice Skating in Eilat?

Eilat Ice Mall

Ice Skating in Eilat, Israel? Yes, it sounds crazy skating in the middle of the desert, but here’s where you can find the coolest mall in the hottest place in Israel: the Ice Mall in Eilat!

Ice Skating in Eilat: Lace up Your Skates

Built around an entire ice-skating rink, this inside mall is definitely a place to see on your trip to Eilat.  Not only is the architecture eye-catching, but inside is even more stunning. Shopping, cafe’s, ice skating, and other fun-filled activities can be found within this mall dome.

When you think of the Middle East, ice skating isn’t exactly what comes to mind.  Riding camels and desert tours might first occupy your ideas. But inside this mall is a winter oasis where you can escape the insane desert heat temps!

Ice Shows, a Giant Snow Igloo with a snow slide, an arcade, and other features make this unique mall a special place to visit. And if you’re just wanting to chill and escape the heat, it’s not a bad place to meet up for coffee and do a little shopping in their plethora of popular stores.

Eilat Ice Mall: Perfect for All Ages

When our daughter was just one, we took her to the Eilat Ice Mall and she was mesmorized by the skating rink. For a little one who doesn’t sit still for very long, she actually sat and watched the skaters for quite some time.

It also happened to be a day where young children were practicing their routines. I have to admit, that the adorable costumes and tiny skaters made me fast-forward a few years to when Mia would be old enough to skate, herself.

Growing up in Michigan, ice skating wasn’t just a past time. It was a winter necessary. Every kid grew up with a pair of skates and a frozen pond to skate on.  The Eilat Ice Mall brought all that back, and more.

eilat ice mall
Ice Skating in Eilat

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