How to Travel Around Spain: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

A big question for all of us when planning a trip to Spain is how to travel around Spain. The majority of tourists use their two legs to get around, although most big cities have various methods of public transportation available…. the key is figuring them out!

How to Travel around Spain

Your transportation needs depend on where you are staying and where you are traveling to. If your stay visit is limited to just the city,  Barcelona for example, you might want to stick with day passes on the metro/buses. It’s a great way to see the city and experience public transportation. Most stations have maps and timetables of lines running throughout the city, and you can also go online and download maps. Speaking Spanish can give you an advantage, but there are English speakers all around the city willing to help as well.

how to travel around spain - metro

If you are looking for trips to multiple cities, the train is a great option. We took a train from Costa Brava to the city to pick up our rental car. It was an inexpensive way to travel along the coast with some fantastic views. The train travels throughout the country with commuter trains around cities too.

how to travel around spain - train
view from a train in Spain

Renting a car can be a great way to travel the country, but beware of the hazards of Car Rentals in a foreign city.  (break-in’s included) We rented a car for our stay in Spain and enjoyed the freedom that comes with having your own vehicle.

Barcelona, Spain

But as always, don’t forget the value of good-ol’-fashioned walking! Your own two feet can be your best asset while traveling around a new place.  Comfortable shoes a must! Walking around the city offers a unique and special way to experience a new culture, more than any mode of transportation can. You just never know what treasure you will find in a side road or an alley inside old cities.  So grab your favorite cup of coffee and start walking!

Travel around Spain - walking

waiting in line in Spain

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