Ramblas Street – THE Place to Be in Barcelona!

Ramblas Street, Barcelona

When it comes to “IT” travel sites to see in Barcelona, there’s only one place to be – and that is on Ramblas Street!

Ramblas Street, Barcelona

Where: Barcelona Spain

There’s no doubt Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist cities in all of Europe. From the famed Messi fans to the amazing shopping and sites, millions of tourists pass through each year to experience this Spanish ciudad (city).

When: Jan, 13, 2013

I recently spent five days in Spain, three of those days in Barcelona.

What: Activities & Tourism on Ramblas Street

Out of all the places around the city, my favorite was definitely Ramblas Street. It is a cultural experience from the moment you begin walking down this crowded haven of tourists, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and of course sidewalk restaurants.

Visually, it is stunning! Trees lining the entire street from beginning to end, surrounded by historical buildings to complete the ambience. You can literally find any type of souvenir sold along your journey – in addition to tourist information, caricature drawing and graffiti artists, street performers, the public market, and just plain crazy entertainers. You can walk down the same long path every day of the week and still encounter something new and unique each day.

And if you’re worried about what to eat, there’s always Tapas. Everywhere you look there’s a traditional Tapas bar lining the street. And while tapas is a fan favorite for many out there, my husband and I aren’t the biggest fans (I know — the shame!) But, we did stumble upon Wok to Walk, our new personal favorite asian fusion eatery. And it seems like we weren’t alone. It was pretty much packed at all times of the day. So whether you are a tapas lover or want to try something else, grab a bite to eat, settle in with a beer and get ready to people watch.

At one end of Ramblas (or the beginning, depending on where you are coming from) is the famous Lion Statues leading to the Port. Taking a picture on the lions is a touristy MUST! It’s just one of those things all tourists do. Head to the other end of the road, which leads to more shopping and the center of the city.

How: Transporation

The most popular form of transportation, especially around Ramblas, is your own two feet. Walking is – by far – the best option if you want to really experience all this area of Barcelona has to offer, and you don’t really need anything else. But if you are planning on expanding your reach and visit other areas of Barcelona – and Spain in general – there are various options available to you: Train, Metro, Bus and Renting a Car.

Walking Around Ramblas Street

Shoe Level: Comfy

There’s a lot of walking involved when it comes to being a tourist, and walking around Barcelona is no different. Make sure you have a high level of comfort in the shoes you choose, in order to enjoy your day instead of ending up with blisters on your feet. So put on your walking shoes and make sure you spend time roaming Ramblas St. when you are in Barcelona… you won’t be disappointed!

Yes, I got my caricature drawing!
Yes, I got my caricature drawing!
Lion Statue
Lion Statue
Heading down Ramblas
Heading down Ramblas

7 Comments on “Ramblas Street – THE Place to Be in Barcelona!

  1. We loved Las Ramblas too. We had accomodation overlooking it so we could sample the night life or watch from the balcony. For us the Boqueria Market which you enter from Las Rambas was the highlight!

    • That’s great! Next time I definitely want to stay there on the street as well. We stayed outside the city, up in Costa Brava, which was also really nice. Glad you liked it!

  2. What does Ramblas mean in Spanish? What is its history, briefly?

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