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Are you planning a trip to Africa? It can be overwhelming where to begin, so let us help you! After living in Botswana for two years, and taking many trips for South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe, we’ve learned a thing or two. Here’s some Africa Travel Guides to get you started:

10 Things You NEED for Your Trip to Africa (that no one tells you to bring)

You’ve booked your African safari, and now you’re ready to start packing. But what to bring with you? We’ve got the essential items you should bring with you ALONG with the 10 things you need to bring that no one else tells you to bring. Trust us – you’ll want to read this before your trip!

Africa Travel Guides - 10 things you need for your trip to Africa

What You Should Know about Hippos in Botswana

Botswana is known for many things, but on top of that list is her incredible safari trips! If you’re looking at traveling to Botswana on safari, here’s some tips you should know about the resident wildlife – in particular, hippos!

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Africa Travel Guides

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