National Parks in Israel

Join our family as we take on the National Park Challenge to visit all the National Parks in Israel! There are currently 81 NPs and Reserves spread out from the north to the south of the country, and we aim to show off the beauty and history that accompanies the Holy Land. It’s gonna be a wild adventure!

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National Parks in Israel

1. Yarkon National Park

Step back in time as your explore an ancient fortress and ruins of Antipatris surrounded by a stunning lake, streams and hiking trails. Above all, have fun!

National Parks in Israel - Yarkon National Park

2. Hai-bar Yotvata Nature Reserve

Discover the wildlife of Israel’s desert on a safari drive through the stunning desert in the south of Israel. And in addition, learn more about the animals with our FREE Kids Wildlife Activity Pages.

hai-bar yotvata nature reserve

3. Coral Reef Nature Reserve

Did you know that Israel has a coral reef? Explore the country’s ONLY coral reef at this breathtaking underwater national park! And while you’re there, download our FREE Coral Reef Kids Activity Pages.

Coral Reef Nature Reserve

4. Achziv National Park & Camping Guide

Camping in Israel? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about sleeping under the stars in the Holy Land. And we’ve also included a FREE camping list to make sure you’ve got everything you need on your camping trip!

Achziv National Park & FREE Camping Guide

5. National Parks in Israel: Apollonia National Park

Looking for a family-friendly day excursion to get out and explore nature? Apollonia National Park is the perfect NP for an adventure filled with history lessons, gorgeous Mediterranean views and stroller accessible pathways. Plus, a FREE history/science kids activity page to incorporate learning into your day.

National Parks in Israel - Apollonia National Park

6. Beit Guvrin National Park

Beit Guvrin National Park is unlike any other national park you’ll find. With over 500 underground caves and 3,500 underground rooms to explore, it’s the ultimate spelunker’s dream adventure. Learn more about this incredible national park. And get your FREE Cave Creatures Kids Activity Pages to add in a fun educational lesson too!

Beit Guvrin National Park

7. Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve

Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve is the ultimate stalactite and stalagmite playground! It is the largest stalactite cave in Israel with thousands of years in the making. Explore this amazing underground cave and learn more about the science behind these formations. And we’ve included a FREE stalactite science experiment for kids to do at home.

National Parks in Israel - Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve

8. National Parks in Israel: Caesarea National Park

Caesarea National Park is a one of a kind, MUST-SEE experience through history! Jump into the past with incredible archeological remnants of a once thriving Roman port. Explore ancient aqueducts, the hippodrome, Roman baths and more.

National Parks in Israel - Caesarea National Park

9. Camping in Israel: Mishmar HaCarmel Campground Guide

Mishmar HaCarmel was the second camping experience we had at an Israel National Park, and we’re sharing all our camping tips with you! Learn all about this forestry campground and what you can expect on your camping trip here.

Camping in Israel - Mishmar HaCarmel Camping Guide

10. Get Your Wildlife on at Hai-bar Carmel Nature Reserve

Hai-bar Carmel Nature Reserve is the sister wildlife reserve to Hai-bar Yotvata. Here you’ll learn about the wildlife in Israel’s forest area, nestled in the Carmel Forest. And with our accompanying FREE Kids Wildlife Activity Pages, your kids will have a great time discovering the wildlife of this area.

National Parks in Israel - Hai Bar Carmel Nature Reserve

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