Caesarea National Park Guide: One of a Kind, Must See History Experience

Caesarea National Park

Welcome to Caesarea National Park! This is our 8th NP in our Israel National Park Challenge – as we set out to visit and document every national park in Israel. We share all of our adventures through blog posts and on our Instagram – The Hochdorfs Family Travel. You can also learn more about national parks around the world in our private National Park Trippers group. Join us as we discover Israel’s beauty! 

National Parks and National Reserves of Israel

Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority was created in order to protect Israel’s natural, historical, and heritage treasures. There are currently 81 national parks and reserves to be explored in Israel. 

Caesarea National Park

Caesarea National Park is a wonderful day adventure for families. It has all the elements that make for a great Israel National Park experience – fascinating history, incredible Mediterranean Sea views, stroller-friendly paths, and cool learning experiences. 

Learn more about this National Park treasure. 

What is Caesarea Known for? 

Caesarea is known for being named after Augustus Caesar. It was one of the most important port cities during Roman control and provided entertainment for the sailors and seamen who would frequently stop during the long sea journey.

Does Caesarea National Park Have Biblical References?

As Caesarea was the capital of the Roman-controlled territory of Judaea at the time, it was a significant city in early Christianity. It is mentioned in the Bible’s New Testament, particularly with Paul, who was imprisoned in the city before being sent to Rome for his trial. 

Where is Caesarea Located?

Caesarea National Park can be found in central Israel, just north of Tel Aviv in Caesarea. It is about a 50-minute drive from Tel Aviv. From the south, take the 2 north and from the north, the 2 south. It’s about a 35-minute drive from Haifa. 

Waze Location: Caesarea National Park

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When is Caesarea National Park Open?

Caesarea National Park is open daily, with two schedules: winter and summer. 

Summer Hours:

Sunday – Thursday and Saturday: 8:00 – 17:00; Friday: 08:00 – 16:00

Winter Hours: 

Sunday – Thursday and Saturday: 08:00 – 16:00; Friday: 08:00 – 15:00

Park Tip: After closing, you can still enter and enjoy many of the outer areas for FREE. This includes the shops and restaurants, the pier, and the grassy area. 

What is the Entry Price? 

An adult entrance is ₪39.00 (shekels), and for children ages 5-17 it’s ₪24.00. Children under 5 can enter free. Buying a yearly National Park Pass is highly recommended and gives you free access to all national parks for an entire year. 

Price Tip: Pre-purchase the yearly pass. It’s great, especially for a family who will visit more than one park a year. Our pass paid for itself after just a couple of parks. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Caesarea?

Caesarea is open year-round, but the summer months can be brutal, especially when walking around the sites. Make sure to go early and bring lots of water! The best time to visit Caesarea is March-May and late September – early November when the temps are pleasant. 

Caesarea National Park

Is Caesarea National Park Kid-friendly?

Caesarea is extremely kid-friendly with kid-based activities throughout the year, with most parts stroller accessible. There is a vast grassy area where kids love to run around and play, and in the summer evenings, FREE family movies are shown. 

The interactive holographic movies, explaining the history of the area, are perfect for kids! And there are lots of really cool places for kids to explore, including old caves where bats love to hang out. Great outdoor learning moments!

Caesarea National Park grass area

Caesarea National Park Attractions 

Crusader Gate

At the entrance to the National Park lies the Crusader gate. Upon entering, you will immediately cross over the moat and enter into the glacis (high walls) that protected the city. It’s a jaw-dropping experience, walking through the gates of history. It’s also a fantastic photo op, so get your camera’s ready! 

Crusader Gate

Sculpture Park

Near the entrance of the Crusader gate lies a park of many interesting sculptures. This was once a street where these sculptures were once set up for decoration. Many of the sculptures are of people. 

Caesarea National Park

The Old City and Port

The port is one of the BEST places to get breathtaking photos of the Mediterranean Sea – especially at sunset. It is not a working port, but it remains the entertainment area just as in the early days. There are cafes, restaurants, and kiosks for an array of food choices, as well as art galleries, souvenir shops, and specialty boutiques. 

Tip: On the weekends, there are family activities, and during the summer, they show FREE family movies at sundown in the open grassy area. 

Caesarea Port Sunset
Caesarea National Park Old City

Caesarea National Park History Learning Activities 

Caesarea National Park offers an array of shows to learn more about the history of Caesarea: Time Travel, Caesarea Stars, and Time Tower. Using modern technology and holographic images, visitors can meet historical figures with 3D views and showings. These shows are available in various languages and are great for kids and adults of all ages. 

Reef Palace

The Reef Palace was the inner courtyard of Herod’s two-story palace. The remains of the palace and pillars remind visitors of the glory it once held, from Roman baths to mosaic tiles. And on one of the reefs, there is evidence of a pool that once contained freshwater. 

Tip: The Panamoric Observation Point is the best place to see the entire palace and its enormity, all the way to the Hippodrome. 

Reef Palace

The Hippodrome (Roman Amphitheatre)

The Hippodrome is the show-stopper of the National Park. Facing the gorgeous sea, this 10,000 seat arena once displayed the common Roman battlements where slaves and prisoners once took on wild animals and warriors. It also housed the chariot races throughout the U-shaped track. 


The Theatre

The theater was once the go-to place for entertainment: dramas and comedies. The theater was constructed in a semi-circle with the stage and orchestra in the middle. Today, it is still used as a working venue where the top Israeli artists perform concerts. 

Caesarea theater

Archeological Park

The archeological park holds pillars, gravestones, and sculptures throughout the area. You can see the intricate carvings and artisanship that once existed in this ancient port city. 

Ancient Aqueduct

The aqueducts are a sight to behold and a must-see stop in Caesarea. They date back to the 1st century BC, when King Herod commissioned it to be built to transport water to the port city of Caesarea from a small spring 6 miles to the north. And the remnants are still here today. 

Tip: This is a prime photo op spot, and the best time is around sunset. 

Caesarea Aqueduct

Wedding Venues at Caesarea National Park

Did you know that Caesarea is prime real estate for Israeli weddings? Including ours! On any given day, you’ll see brides and grooms taking advantage of this incredible site for the backdrop of their special day. We got married at the private venue connected with the park and took many wedding pics at the NP. 

Wedding Venue at Caesarea National Park
Wedding Venue at Caesarea National Park

Caesarea National Park Rating 

Caesarea National Park is the perfect representation of an Israel National Park. History, culture, modern storytelling, and incredible views make it one of the country’s top NPs – and a popular tourist site too! It’s a MUST-SEE National Park!

Overall, we give Caesarea National Park 5 out of 5 ibexes. (The Ibex being the symbol for the Israel National Parks.) 

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