How to Beat the Heat at Disney World in the Summer

A trip to Disney in the middle of the summer can be brutally hot – trust me! We went on one of the hottest summer days and had the drenched clothes to prove it. So if you’re planning on visiting Disney World in the summer, here are some MommyMoAdventures-proven ways to beat the heat at the parks.

While some people tend to avoid a trip to Disney World in the summer due to the blazing heat, many people plan their Disney World summer vacation because that’s when they have vacation time or when the family is all together. Either way, a Disney World vacation in Summer can still be fantastic if you know how to beat the heat!  

How Hot is Disney World in June, July, & August? 

One of the top questions people ask about visiting Disney World in the summer is Is Disney World too hot in July? Temperatures at Disney World in the summer months of June, July, and August can range from mid 70’s to high 90’s on any given day. Humidity runs high, so be prepared to really “feel the sweat” (no pun intended). But on the plus side, there are usually afternoon or early evening showers that help cool down the extreme heat during the summer months. 

Disney World in the Summer

Does It Rain Everyday in the Summer at Disney World?

While there’s no guarantee that it will rain every day at Disney in the summer, there’s a very good chance of rain showers almost every day. We have yet to be at Disney World without rain, but in the summer, it might just last for an hour or so and then pass. The rain often comes and goes quickly, and then you can go back to your magical day. 

And don’t let the storm rain on your parade – you can still have incredibly magical moments – even when plans don’t exactly look like you thought they would!

Which Summer Month is Best for Disney World?

Typically speaking, August is known to be the best time to go to Disney World in summer with fewer crowds compared to June or July. And within August, the last 2 weeks of the month are the best weeks to visit Disney World. But, during June and July, the parks open earlier and close later, so you have more time to spend inside. All three summer months can be expected to be hot with afternoon showers. best time to go to Disney World in summer

We were at Disney during the end of June and yes, it was hot, but the lines weren’t too long. It rained in the late afternoon (6ish) and they cleared up again at night.

Riding Dumbo at Disney World in the Summer

What to Wear to Disney World in July and August? 

Because of the sweltering temperatures, the best clothes for Disney World in summer are cool and lightweight clothing. So what should you wear to Disney World in July and August? Light t-shirts or tank tops, shorts, lightweight jumpers (my go-to), and it’s always a good idea to bring an additional shirt if you can. It might sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised what types of heavy clothing you see people walking around wearing. And don’t forget to avoid see-through materials – especially if you plan on making a splash on rides like Splash Mountain. Wear comfortable walking shoes – ones that won’t hurt your feet after walking all day. 

You can see our Disney World summer outfits in pictures throughout this post. Although it was quite hot during our Disney World summer vacation, we didn’t feel it too bad, thanks to our clothing choices. Here’s our complete Disney World Summer Packing List to make your trip easier.

How to Survive Disney World in the Summer Tips

Now that you’ve got your clothes picked out and you’re up-to-date on the weather, let’s jump into those Disney World in the Summer Tips. (Get my full Disney World Summer Packing List here):

Stay Hydrated

Yes, this one is obvious, but did you know there are places in the park that give out FREE ice water? Pecos Bill Inn and Auntie Gravity’s Galictic Goodies are just two of the food service counters that provide a large cup of ice water if you just ask. You can also take a reusable water bottle and re-fill it with the free ice water – or freeze water before you go! TIP: We take our Purified Water Bottles with us. It has a built in filter that allows you to drink ANY WATER from ANYWHERE. Use our COUPON CODE: NPTrippers for a 15% discount.

Water to go Purified Water Botles

Portable Fans

If you have young kids with strollers, attach a portable fan to the stroller to keep it cool. You can also buy cheap fans at the Dollar Store instead of paying an arm and a let for one at Disney. 

Cooling Neck Cloths

Bringing cooling neck cloths or towels with you will be a lifesaver for those intense hot moments. It’s such a quick and easy trick to take out our cloth and apply for a minute or two.

Take in a Disney World Show

Some of the shows at the Magic Kingdom are seriously underrated. We initially went to see a show just for the AC, but left wanting more. We absolutely LOVED Mickey’s PhilharMagic 3D show and went back for a second round. The Country Bear Jamboree might be old school, but Mia found the bears hilarious and entertaining. And if you’re down for a history lesson, The Hall of Presidents is a Disney staple.

Remove the Minnie Ears

What’s a trip to Disney without Minnie ears? I know, they’re essential. But I’ve found that during the peak of the day they just add heat to your head. So we wore our ears in the morning for early pics, took them off during the day, and put them back on in the evening. Problem solved.

Take Time for a Proper Meal

There are many nice restaurants to choose from at all the parks, and taking a break from the heat to rest, eat, and enjoy the atmosphere is good for the body. Just be aware that most restaurants must be booked ahead of time.

Bring a Rain Poncho

As we mentioned earlier, you will undoubtedly encounter a rain shower of some sort during the summer, so come prepared. We bought cheap ones at the Dollar Store and carried them with us in our backpack. Or you can get them on Amazon in packs. And yes – we had to use them! 

Don’t Forget to Re-apply Sunscreen

We don’t go anywhere without sunscreen, but one thing people tend to forget is to re-apply sunscreen after a few hours. Especially with all the sweating you’ll do from the sun, re-applying sunscreen is critical. The last thing you want is to come home burnt! 

Take a Break at a Nearby Hotel

If you really want to avoid the heat of the day (12 pm-4 pm), you can either return to your hotel for a quick break or if you’re not staying at a Disney hotel, go to a nearby hotel for a nice break. They all have AC and nice lounges to hang out in. 

Get Wet!

Water rides are a great way to cool down in the midst of summer. Or if you’re staying at a Disney hotel, take a pool break and return later in the evening when it cools down. It’s a great way to cool down – but again, don’t wear see-through clothing!

Splash pad at Art of Animation Disney Hotel

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Best Disney World Hotels in Summer for Kids

We stayed at The Art of Animation resort at Disney World during our summer trip. It’s literally a child’s playground. There are three themed sections you can stay in: Lion King, Little Mermaid, and Cars. And each one has characters and play areas spread out throughout the site.

We stayed in the Little Mermaid section, but they are all connected so you have all three areas to enjoy in the hotel. It never failed, EVERY TIME we walked through the Lion King section, Mia just had to play. Because just like Simba and Nalla, an elephant graveyard is just waiting to be explored! And who can blame her?

But the BEST part about staying in the Art of Animation Disney Hotel is, hands-down, the pools! The main pool has a Finding Nemo theme, and it’s fabulous. It’s perfect for both little and big swimmers with its large pool, splash pad, and fun animations. And during the summer months, the hotel has kids activities each day in the pool area. Our Mia didn’t want to leave the pool! Plus, you can find some great Disney World Hotel Summer Deals with hotel + ticket packages. Win/Win!

Disney's Art of Animation

Disney Springs in the Summer

Disney Springs is one of our favorite places to go during a trip to Disney because you’ll find the coolest things like this dragon – made entirely out of Legos! And when you stay at any of the hotels, it’s just a bus ride away. 

 What else can you find there? Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Legoland: An entire store dedicated to just legos? Yes, please! And with all the Disney creations placed around the area made of legos, it’s just a fun place to visit. 
  • Incredible restaurants: The selection of food they have at Disney Spring includes just about everything under the sun, including fun, interactive restaurants like T-Rex and Rainforest Cafe. Just know that in the summer months, it gets incredibly crowded, and some restaurants need reservations in advance. 
  • Disney Store: We are at Disney, after all, but this Disney store is the mother of them all. You can seriously spend hours in there, and good luck coming out empty-handed. We always end up coming home with a new stuffed Disney doll, somehow. 
  • Erupting Volcano: Every half hour or so, the volcano erupts, putting on a show for all. It’s a really cool feature, so make sure you don’t miss it. 
  • Harley Davidson Store: No, I didn’t forget all you dads (and moms) who love the ultimate motorcycle brand. The Harley store is pretty cool, and it’s a good escape for anyone who’s getting a bit of Disney overload. 
Lego dragon at Disney Springs

Is going to Disney World in the summer worth it?

If you don’t mind the heat and the short daily showers, Disney World in the summer is completely worth it! It was for us. There are fewer crowds and you can plan to combine your trip in the pools or at the beach. And if you plan ahead and follow the tips above, you’ll have a fantastic time – even in the heat of summer!

Disney World in the Summer

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What are your tips for staying cool at Disney World in the Summer? 

Let us know in the comments below! And stay cool! 

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