Tel Aviv Makes the List! Top Ten Beach Cities

In The News: Tel Aviv Beaches are on the Top Ten Beach Cities List

Israel is always in the news for one reason or another (usually for politics or wars), so when National Geographic Traveler posted the Top Ten Beach Cities in the world, a new excitement filled the air. And why? Because TEL AVIV made the list! Classified as one of the top ten beach cities in the world, it’s no surprise to us, seeing our beloved city grace the list.

Call it Miami Beach on the Med. Tel Aviv is the Dionysian counterpart to religious Jerusalem. In the “bubble,” as it’s known for its inhabitants’ tendency to tune out regional skirmishes, some restaurants, discos, and clubs are open until dawn. By day, the scene shifts to the city’s promenade and eight miles (13 kilometers) of beach literally steps from town. Head to wide and sandy Gordon Beach to sit in a seaside café or take a dip in the saltwater pool.

Not that I’m biased or anything (I happen to live here) but I agree completely! Tel Aviv is an awesome beach city!  Just come on any given Friday or Saturday during the summer months and you will be joined by practically the entire city! And you can always find people sun tanning during the rest of the week too!

From the coast of Jaffa up to the north beaches of Hertzliya, you won’t find an empty spot. Families enjoying the sun, ping-pong sounds of Matkot being played, music, nargilas, kite surfing, sunbathers, and gorgeous sunsets … there isn’t a dull moment at the beach. Music fills the air with sounds of Miscrachi Melodies and the smells of BBQ’s in the summer are right around any corner.

Summer at the Tel Aviv Beach

The summer months bring extra entertainment, including soon to be FREE city-wide Internet, concerts and life-size Shesh Besh (Backgammon). Browned bodies (most of them naturally mocha) grace the beaches to get their summer tans on. And there’s always us “whities” who are lathered in sunscreen to avoid going home looking like a tomato. It doesn’t matter what your age, size, color or preference, Tel Aviv has it all. And I really think that’s what people love most about it. Not to mention the amazing Mediterranean Sea!

Yes, it’s HOT, but the water is refreshing and the company is fantastic! Sooooo, sorry to the rest of the top ten cities (who are also great by the way), but you just aren’t TEL AVIV!!

And the question is: When will you be visiting?

Life-size Israeli Shesh Besh on  the beach
Life-size Israeli Shesh Besh on the beach
Beach Fun
Beach Fun
Weekend umbrellas fill the beach
Weekend umbrellas fill the beach

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