Two Travelers and a Baby, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Baby Travel

Once upon a time my husband and I traveled like crazy. I mean, crazy. Pretty much every two months or less.  We even met in Malta, then married in Cyprus. Needless to say, we lived and breathed for our travel time. Then came the baby and we were introduced to baby travel with our first trip to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

Oh Where, Oh Where Have My Vacations Gone?

Now don’t get me wrong, I had been waiting for our little pickle to arrive for a long time, and she has completely changed our lives in the most amazing way…. but, our travel time has been greatly reduced.

She is now 7 months old, and the only baby travel I’ve taken since her birth was to the States to visit my family. It was a bit traumatic, flying alone, internationally, with a 4 month old, which has made me a bit hesitant to get back on that plane with her again. But it was time to jump back on the horse – after all, I want my children to be travel enthusiasts like we are.

So we took the plunge.

Sunny Beach Bulgaria, Here We Come!

Finding a good deal in the peak of summer traveling isn’t always easy, but we found a great last minute one (for later that same day). We used to jump on these last minute deals, and with a baby we had to think twice about it – but we knew if we didn’t take it now, we never would. So the scrambling began. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria here we come!

Packing. Back in the day we would just throw some clothes in a suitcase and wallah! We’re ready to go. Now packing consists of sterilizing bottles, formula, diapers, wipees and of course Mia’s trusty little Hippo for sleeping.

TRAVEL TIP: Be prepared with EXTRA bottles and milk. 

Flying. It wouldn’t be a baby travel trip without a delayed flight, so our 2 hour flight there turned into 3, but our little girl was a trooper. Our flight back was more of the same. More delays, more frustration, some tears, but overall she did great!

TRAVEL TIP: Bring at least 3 changes of comfortable clothing for your baby + plastic bags

Iberostar Resort, Sunny Beach

Hotel. We stayed at the Iberostar Resort in Sunny Beach, which was fantastic! All inclusive and extremely kid/baby friendly, we had a great experience.

  • The staff were very accommodating and so friendly to our little Mia. Anything we needed, they were there to help.
  • We had a huge room, including a baby sleeper.
  • The food was plentiful with a variety to choose from. Mia still only eats pureed fruits and veggies, and there was always a huge selection of fruits to choose from. She definitely ate well this vacation!
  • The location is great, right on the boardwalk near all the action. Mia is obsessed with action, so walking around and looking at everything that was going on was a plus for her.

Beach. The only disappointment of the trip was the beach. Maybe we’re too spoiled with Tel Aviv beaches, but the beach was gross. The sand and water had tar in it, leaving our feet black and disgustingly sticky. Needless to say, after our first trip to the beach, we stuck with our pools.

Baby Travel 4.5 Star Experience stars

After our bags were unpacked and we caught up on missed sleep, I can say our overall experience was a great one. Poker & ping ping for my husband, spa day for me and lots of excitement for our little Mia. A great vacation was had for all! W

We’re ready for our next adventure!

Baby Travel View from the Plane
Baby Pool time!
Family Picture at Iberostar Resort, Sunny Beach
Beach Time in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Daddy's a Pingpong Champion!
Nighttime Festivities at Iberostar Resort, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Sleeping Baby in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria


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