Queen of Sheba Hotel Review in Eilat

I’ve lived in Israel for almost 10 years now (drumroll for the longest I’ve lived in one place since I was a kid – Sorry, I digress). Since my first trip to Eilat, I have coveted staying at the luxurious and ever-so elegant, Queen of Sheba Hotel. Sitting right in the heart of the boardwalk, you cannot go anywhere without passing the magnificent beauty.

Queen of Sheba

Transforming into a Luxury Traveler

Now, I’ve never been a “luxury” traveler – in fact, I’ve always traveled using the best deals at the cheapest places. I never cared much about hotels and amenities, I was more interested in the sights and sounds of the destination. The hotel was just a place to lay my head at night (and get a good breakfast in the morning).

But for some reason I’ve always longed to stay at the Queen. I don’t know what it is, or even why, but each trip to Eilat my desire grew and grew.

Until recently.

When my dream was finally fulfilled.

My husband booked us a trip to the Queen of Sheba, and she didn’t disappoint. From the moment we stepped in the lobby to our last breaths of air there, I felt like I was home. Everything she offered made my heart sing…

Going Up?

I quickly became obsessed with the lantern-styled elevators (as was my 1-year old daughter). The see-through glass allows you to experience everything as you ascend and descend, to and from your room. We had a fantastic room on the 8th floor, allowing us to reach tremendous views of the Red Sea.  It’s a vista that doesn’t ever get old!

Queen of Sheba Elevator
Queen of Sheeba Elevator View

Breakfast of Champions

Most all the hotels in Eilat have wonderful breakfast spreads, but nothing even compares to the spread that the Queen of Sheba offers.  It was quite honestly, the best variety of breakfast (and lunch) foods I have ever seen – not to mention the on-the-spot chefs available to make whatever your heart desires. My little Mia was in food heaven. Pancakes, eggs, waffles, fruits, omelets, yogurt, cakes… I could go on and on. She couldn’t get enough of the heavenly assortment, and our breakfasts each morning were simply divine.

Rock-a-bye Baby

Let’s move on to the rooms. We had an incredible room on the 8th floor, with a great view of the marina. With a king-sized bed and a baby bed, we all slept like babies. The bathroom was pure luxury, with a tub made for a queen.

And let’s talk about the bathroom amenities. I usually judge a hotel by the shampoos and conditioners they place in their bathrooms – but rest assured – I wasn’t disappointed at all. Definitely worthy of the hotel’s reputation. 🙂

View of Eilat from Queen of Sheeba
Queen of Sheba Room

All the Queen of Sheba Extras

Last, but not least, the Queen is filled with lovely extras that made our vacation complete. The Chicago Grill Bar is a fantastic restaurant to dine at, and we loved the food. The pools are gorgeous, lined with cat fountains, referencing the Egyptian fascination with cats, and with a view directly at the sea.

Although we didn’t use the pool, because it was winter, we did occupy the kids playroom throughout the day. It is great for kids of all ages (including my husband), and Mia absolutely loved the ball pit – she couldn’t get enough!

Queen of Sheba Kids Play Area
Queen of Sheeba Kids Area

Overall, we fell in love with the Queen and all her spectacular offerings – and we will be back!

Queen of Sheeba Selfie

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