Becoming an Influencial Travel Couple

My husband and I have become a travel couple and travel a lot… and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. We’ve gotten into the habit of traveling outside the country at least every 3 months, and sometimes even monthly. Traveling is just what we both love to do, and sometimes after being to so many places, it becomes difficult finding new (and affordable) destinations. Enter #travel couple. 

Travel Couple: Instagram

As well as being an avid traveler, I am also (like many) an enthusiastic Instagram’er.  I’m constantly posting my travel adventures on IG, and looking for other travelers to follow. While looking for fresh and new travel ideas, I stumbled across the hashtag, #travelingcouple. Filled with lots of other traveling couples, it’s an awesome hashtag to add to your Instagram pics, and maybe even find your next destination.


Travel Couple: Pinterest

When I’m not posting or browsing my Instagram feed for great pics and ideas, Pinterest is my next #travelingcouple drug of choice. What started out as a five-minute browsing session, easily turns out to be hours on Pinterest. With their new tagging format, simply type in ‘traveling couple’ and a great big world of traveling arrives at your fingertips. Whereas Instagram is only photo-based items, Pinterest takes it to the next level with just about anything your are looking for.

From Tips for Traveling As a Couple to How to Plan a Romantic Camping Trip for Two, you can pretty much find anything and everything you’re looking for.

#TravelingCouple Travel Tip: Start your own travel Pinterest board and keep track of all the jewels you find as you’re scrolling through travel paradise.

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Travel Couple: Blogging

And if you’re really ready to take your #travelingcouple adventures to the next level, why not start a blog? There are some fantastic blogs dedicated to traveling with your significant other, and you could add to that list.

The Fighting Couple. Tagged 1000fights, I can honestly say I completely relate to this couple. Besides their fights (and makeups) they give great tips, destinations and relationship advice.

Goats on the Road. Following a Canadian couple around the world who have turned their traveling into a lifestyle.

Hectic Travels. Filled with amazing travel pictures and stories, this couples travel blog will inspire you to hit the road.

Travel Couple: Get out and GO!

So if you’re a #travelingcouple, there are many avenues to get you started. But the most important is to just go! Find your destination and have a great time together. Who knows? We might even end up seeing each other some day, at some corner of the world.

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