Why Visit to the Eilat Underwater Observatory Marine Park

Where can you see sharks, sea turtles, exotic fish, and an amazing underwater view of the Red Sea Reef all in the middle of the desert?!? At the one and only Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat!

Eilat Underwater Observatory

The Eilat Underwater Observatory, itself, is nothing short of spectacular! Travel upstairs to see the breathtaking views of both land and sea, even all the way to Jordan.  Then step down 3 flights (6 meters under the sea) to experience the grandeur of underwater life. Gorgeous coral with schools of fish swimming all around you is a look of pure nature at its finest.

Perfect for Kids

Because of all the kids-based activities that the Observatory offers, it’s the perfect family destination!

Located along the shores of the Red Sea in the heart of Eilat, the Coral World Park has many activities to offer. From shark, fish, and turtle feeding to opening pearl oysters, there is a little something for all ages. The Oceanarium Show is a fun and educational look into the life of marine biology, using interactive and moving seats.

Coral Reef

The Underwater Observatory is also conveniently located right next to the Coral Reef Beach, Israel’s only underwater national park. The reef contains so many unique species of coral and fish, making it the perfect place to snorkel or dive.

And because the Coral Reef Beach is actually a national park, the waters, coral and sea life are all protected. 

Tip: You can combine the two for a perfect day of underwater fun. It’s a win-win sea combination! 

Eilat Underwater Observatory Rating

We were so pleased with our time at the Underwater Observatory that we definitely rate it a 5-star experience! It was so much fun for both adults and kids – a win-win for everyone in the family! 

Check out some of the fun we had during our afternoon at the Park!

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