Honeymoon in Italy: The Driving Game, Day 1

Honeymoon in Italy

Deciding to spend our honeymoon in Italy last minute, and arranging everything before we arrived was nothing short of a miracle. And when I say last minute, I mean the night before we left. Thanks to some incredible last-minute deals we booked our flights, our hotel rooms and our rental car for the week.**

Honeymoon in Italy Car Fit for a (Tiny) King & Queen

After a few hours of sleep, spending quality time at the airport in the wee-hours of the morning and landing in Verona completely exhausted, we were finally ready for our week-long honeymoon!

First item on our agenda: pick up our rental car. After our Barcelona rental-car fiasco we were a bit anxious about another European rental. But life must go on and we had Italy to see!

Luckily, we are light packers and only had one bag between the two of us. And to be honest, another bag was not going to inside our Fiat 500.  We were now true European drivers with this giant little beast!

honeymoon in italy car

Hit the Road, Jack

With our nearly six-hour drive ahead of us, we hit the road to Rome. My husband was surviving on a mere, two hours of sleep, which made many small ‘Espresso Pit Stops‘ on our journey a necessity. Thank God for the Italian Espresso!

We had planned out our trip, spending two days down in Rome, then driving back north for the rest of the week exploring up there. Initially, it sounded like a good idea. But hindsight is everything, and considering the six-hour drive in between, we should have spent one more day in Rome.

Nevertheless, we had a plan, and arriving in Rome by early evening was our destination.

Honeymoon in Italy: Pizza is a Must

Our hotel was right outside of the city, which I actually recommend to anyone visiting Rome with a car.  We checked-in and immediately crashed.

The weather complimented our exhaustion, as a huge thunderstorm rolled in the minute we arrived.  We decided to stay in that night, catch up on many hours of lost sleep, order a pizza (we are in Italy) and start the next day, well-rested and ready to hit Rome running!

And running, well, walking. Lots of lots of walking. Is exactly what we did!!!

Italian Pizza

(Up Next…. Rome: Italy Honeymoon Day 2)

** For anyone looking for some great last-minute travel resources, here is what we used:

  • Hulyo app for last minute flights. We literally booked our entire trip on an app. Brilliant!
  • Cheapoair for our Hotels. I’ve also used them for flights, hotels, and vacation deals. Cheap deals with great outcomes!
  • RentalCars for our car rental.  We got an amazing deal for a week rental!

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