Honeymoon in Florence, Italy: Day 3

Florence lucky pig

Next on the Italian travel list was our Honeymoon Florence. Mentally preparing ourselves for another six-hour ride was easier this time, knowing that we were splitting the time in half by stopping in Florence.

Florence and Her Magnificent History

At this point, most of my knowledge about this city came from, you-guessed-it, another Dan Brown novel.Ā  This time, Inferno. And once again, walking through the narrow streets of this city made me imagine being inside a mystery.

What does Florence have to offer that other Italian cities do not? Well, for starters, the famous Michelangelo’s, David statue. If you want to see the original thing, be prepared to stand in a really, really long line. Or get there really early. He is now inside the Acedemia Gallery, attracting thousands of tourists.

Or you can opt for plan B and see the replica outside in the city hall square for free. Line-free. Needless to say, after seeing the insane line, we opted for plan B, and were still able to see him in all his–err, glory! šŸ™‚

Statue of The David

Honeymoon in Florence: Rub the Boar’s Nose

Of course, we also saw more churches, more cathedrals, more squares and ate more pasta. And then we stumbled upon a quirky little tradition that we just had to take part in – the rubbing of the boar’s nose for good luck!  It was an insanely ugly statue that people were crowding around to see. And to pet the nose then drop a coin in the well for good luck.

So yes, we both rubbed the nose. And yes, we both dropped our coins in the well. But we both missed. And if you ask me, no good luck was brought to us for the rest of the day. But the thing is, we should have known – it wasn’t kosher!

And while it wasn’t my most favorite Italian city, FlorenceĀ still has incredible history and amazing wonders to offer! A great choice for our honeymoon in Florence. And no time to waste -heading forward to Day 4…

(Still to come… Milan, Venice, and more…) 

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