Why Visit Israel? Top 10 Reasons According to My 2-Year Old

Why visit Israel? There are so many reasons why you should visit Israel, but here’s 10 reasons according to a toddler. And Although my 2-year old daughter is a dual citizen, she was born and is being raised in Israel. So, what better way to kick off her love for her country than a Top 10 List….

Mind you, 6 out of the 10 reasons are food, but then again, this list IS from the perspective of a toddler. And with further ado – here’s the Top 10 Reasons Why Visit Israel. (from the perspective of a 2-year old)

Why Visit Israel According to a Toddler

#10: Resting on Shabbat

Shabbat (Saturday) is our day of rest, and after 5 ½ days of nursery school, our little toddler needs her rest. Yeah Right! It’s the parents that need the rest, but with a toddler at home, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. So, if we’re not resting on Shabbat, at least we’re able to spend some quality time as a family, out on an adventure. Here’s to Mia’s day off of school!

#9: Vacations in Eilat

When you need a quick getaway and change of scenery for the weekend, Eilat is our go-to destination. A quick 30-minute flight or a 3 ½ hour drive will land you in Israel’s resort town of Eilat. Located right on the Red Sea, and bordering Jordan and Egypt, it’s a great way to escape for a few days. Mia has already been to Eilat 3 times in her 2 years of life, and I’m sure the number of visits will only increase. She loves it down there!

why I love Israel, Eilat

#8: Eating Krembo

You might be wondering, what the heck is Krembo? Think Easter-marshmallow-chocolate and you’ve got your answer. Krembo is actually a Danish import, but with the popularity of the snack in Israel, it’s manufactured more in Israel than in Denmark. And while snow or cold weather might be the sign of winter in most places, here in Israel it’s seeing Krembo on the shelves. I love Israel!

#7: The City of Raanana

This might be a strange item to see on our list, because, well, Raanana is a small city outside of famous Tel Aviv. But for us, it’s home. As a mixed-nationality family, Raanana fits us perfectly. It’s a melting pot within Israel, with families from all over the world. With lush green and wide streets, it almost makes you feel like you’re living in California. Almost. But it’s family friendly, has great schools and playgrounds on every corner. Perfect environment for our little pickle! And you can find her out riding her bike on most weekends.


Why I Love Israel, bike

#6: Warm Weather Most of the Year

So, Mia is only 2 years old, but she’s only ever known warm weather. We took a trip to Mt. Hermon for her to experience snow when she was one, but she wasn’t the biggest fan. Needless to say, we’re all fans of the warm weather we enjoy for most of the year. Here’s to the Israeli sun!

#5: The Deliciousness of Sufganiot

Chanukah is just around the corner when sufganiot make their presence known. Thankfully for Mia, we eat a sufganiah each night while lighting the candles. That’s 8 nights of delicious, calorie-filled yumminess. [Her cheeks don’t lie.]  You might be thinking, what are sufganiot? In a nutshell, they’re jelly or chocolate-filled donuts with sugar powder on top.  Just another reason for a 2-year old to love Israel (and Chanukah)! 

why I love Israel, sufganiot

#4: Ahhhhh, Milky! 

Milky, aka chocolate pudding with whipped cream, is an Israeli favorite. Not only for kids, but adults too. (My husband is an example of this.) Since the first time Mia was introduced to Milky, she was immediately hooked. I had to deliberately stop buying them, so when she asked I could show her there weren’t any in the fridge. So yeah, Milky definitely deserves the number 4 spot!

#3: The Israaeli Staple -Bamba

Bamba is a staple for every child in Israel. Peanut butter flavored puffs are how they can be described, and what kid doesn’t like peanut butter and puffs? Every trip we’ve ever taken have been accompanied by bags of Bamba for snacks. Some for Mia, and yes, some for Yaron. But needless to say, we always have bags with us.

Oh, and Bamba was actually one of Mia’s first words, so that’s telling you something, right there!

#2: Eating Falafel

At our number two spot, and quite honestly could be combined with #1, is falafel. Yummy balls of chickpeas, fried up and dipped in humus. And that’s how our Mia likes to eat it. In pita, out of pita, it doesn’t really matter for my Mia. Just as long as she has her “yummy falafel” in her belly.

#1: The Wonder of Humus

And the number one reason why I love Israel? HUMUS! Humus isn’t just a snack – it’s a meal. Every Friday, we pick up Mia from nursery school and eat humus (kumus, as she calls it) for lunch. And when I say, “we”, I mean she eats most of it. She lives for humus! And thank God, she lives in a country that does too.

Why I love Israel, humus

What about you? What are your kids Top 10 Reasons for loving their countries? 

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  2. What a nice blog, I like to read in it and the yearning to visit Israel is becoming more and more
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    • thanks so much! I hope you get the opportunity to visit one day. 🙂

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