The BEST World Travel Map: Enjoy the Wood 3D Map

One of the BEST travel accessories we ever invested in was our Enjoy the Wood 3D wooden world travel map. Not only do we absolutely LOVE keeping track of all our travels, but our living room has never looked better! The world map travel wall art brings the living room wall to a whole other level. I can’t even begin to tell you how many compliments we receive about it the minute someone walks into our house.

What is the Enjoy the Wood 3D World Wooden Map?

Imagine having the world at your fingertips – literally. Enjoy the Wood’s 3D World Wooden Map is not just a map. It’s a statement piece, a conversation starter, and a tribute to your globetrotting spirit. Crafted with precision, this wooden travel map brings the world into your living space in a way that’s both visually stunning and deeply personal. In a phrase – it’s a world travel map tracker. 

The maps come in different sizes and colors to fit any room or wall size. There are also a variety of types of maps to choose from, along with framed or not framed. 

Enjoy the Wood World Travel Map

What is the best travel map in the world to buy?

Yes, we understand that there are literally thousands to choose from, but in our opinion, Enjoy the Wood World travel map is the BEST! Hands down, the quality is top-notch. Each piece of the puzzle is exquisite, adding such beauty to your home. It’s easy to set up and even easier to attach to the wall. It’s a no-brainer for us. 

How do you highlight countries on the Enjoy the Wood map?

Each country on the map contains a tiny hole in which you can place the world travel map country pins inside. When you purchase a wooden map, it comes complete with the entire world map as well as a set of pins for each country, US state, and Canadian providence. You use the pins to mark the destinations you’ve explored or dream to visit. As you insert each pin, you’re not just creating an artful display – you’re weaving your own travel story into the fabric of the map. And not just the big countries – every country in the world! It makes tracking the countries and locations that you’ve traveled to so much easier. And fun!

World map for travel planning

Another fantastic feature of the Enjoy the Wood map is that it’s apt for travel planning. Not only do you recall your past travels, but you are continuously reminded of where you have yet to go. Our daughter is always reminding us that we haven’t been to Australia yet, and we need to go and add our Australia pin to the map. She also loves to remind us of what a great time we always have at Disney! It’s a great travel planning tool!

Enjoy the Wood: World map travel wall art

The Enjoy the Wood 3D World Wooden Map isn’t just a decor piece. It truly is a piece of wall art. Crafted from high-quality birch plywood, the Enjoy the Wood 3D World Wooden Map highlights each country to perfection. The warmth and texture of wood lend an organic and timeless feel to the map, making it a perfect fit for a range of interior aesthetics, from rustic to modern.

World travel map wall art

Illuminating Your Wanderlust: World Map with Lights

Enjoy the Wood maps also come with the option to include LED lights with the map, enhancing its visual allure. Whether you’re using it as a nightlight or as a focal point of your decor, the illuminated world map adds a touch of enchantment to your space. Just imagine your room bathed in the soft glow of ambient light, casting a mesmerizing display on your 3D World Wooden Map.

Why Choose Enjoy the Wood’s 3D World Wooden Map?

The Enjoy the Wood 3D World Wooden Map is more than decor; it’s truly an embodiment of wanderlust. It captures the essence of your journeys, dreams, and aspirations, inviting you to explore the world one pin at a time. As you stand before your map, you’ll be reminded that adventure is always within reach. Whether you’re traveling internationally or planning your next road trip escape, you’ll make a statement, spark conversations, and embrace the beauty of your globetrotting spirit with the Enjoy the Wood 3D World Wooden Map.

  • Handcrafted high-quality wood craftsmanship: Each map is a testament to precision and dedication, ensuring you receive a work of art that stands the test of time.
  • Flag pins of every country in the world, including US states & Canadian providences: each country has a pinhole to keep track of where you’ve been in the world
  • Educational value: We’ve had so many opportunities to visually teach geography to our daughter since we added the map to our wall. 
  • Personal connection: Looking back at our travel memories as we add old and new destinations
  • Adds wanderlust to your life at home: our map was a beautiful addition to our new life in the US – to continue inspiring us to travel more. 
  • Customization: Enjoy the Wood offers various sizes, colors, and styles to match your decor and personal preferences.
  • Conversation Starter: Your map won’t just adorn your wall; it’ll be a focal point that sparks conversations and inspires wanderlust.
  • Thoughtful Gift: a 3D World Wooden Map makes a meaningful gift for travel enthusiasts, newlyweds, or anyone with a passion for exploring the world.
  • Family-owned company: We love supporting family-owned brands, and this family business hails from Ukraine. 

Is purchasing the Enjoy the Wood world travel map worth it?

This was the easiest “Is it worth it” section I’ve ever had to write. In one sentence – the Enjoy the Wood world travel map was ABSOLUTELY worth it! We not only love it, but we recommend it to everyone that walks into our house. It’s truly become the conversational piece in our home, which makes me so happy! When we moved across the world with literally NOTHING for our new house, adding this gorgeous map to our bare walls was seriously the best decision we made. And it highlights our favorite family activity – TRAVEL! We couldn’t be happier with this one-of-a-kind wooden map and highly recommend adding it to your home!

Have any questions about the Enjoy the Wood 3D World travel Map? Ask in the comments, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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