Pedra da Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – An Incredible Hike in the Heart of the City!

If you’re taking a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and want to do some incredible hiking while you’re there, you’ve come to the right place! Pedra da Gavea is one of the most stunning hikes in the middle of the city! Here’s what you need to know.

Hiking in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro has some incredible hiking locations! Whether in the Tijuca National Forest, Corcovado, Tijuca Peak, or Mirante da Guanabara, hiking in Rio is a popular pastime. And if you’re looking for an awesome hike, Pedra da Gavea is a great one to add to your hiking list. Set right in the middle of the great city of Rio de Janeiro, Pedra da Gavea is a hikers delight. Known for its famous “face” carved on the side of the rock, it is one of the highest peaks in Rio and the worlds largest monolith on a coastline. It has various levels of difficulties and five different routes you can take to the top.

The view from Pedra da Gavea

What to know about hiking Pedra da Gavea

The trail begins at an easy level, hiking through breathtaking, tropical forests. But once you get into the thick of the forest, it can get much trickier and more difficult. There are slippery rock sections that tend to be covered with moss during the rainy season as well as vines throughout the hike. It took us a couple of hours to get through this portion of the hike. 

Pedra da Gavea, Rio de Janeiro

The Carrasqueira

Once you reach the foot of the dome, you’ll begin the rock climbing portion of the hike. This is known as The Carrasqueira, and is the scariest part of the hike. Scaling about 30ish meters (100 ft) of rock is required to reach the next section of the trail. requires a bit of rock climbing, about until you reach the summit. There are actually a few routes to take to the top, so depending on your level, you can choose which route you want to climb. 

Hiking The Carrasqueira

Pedra da Gávea Summit

And once you come to the top, the views  are absolutely stunning! And worth the hours of hiking. Pack a light lunch or snack and enjoy the sights of the São Conrado and Zona Sul from the top. And if yo head to the northernmost point, you’ll have stunning views of Pedra Bonita and the Tijuca Forest. A hikers dream! 

Pedra da Gavea Summit

Tips for Hiking Pedra da Gavea

  • Start early! Depending on the type of weather, it can be incredibly hot and sticky in the summer months or wet during the rainy ones. The hike to the top and back to the bottom is extremely time-consuming. Considering the pace of your hike and the time spent on top, you’ll want to get an early start.
  • Give yourself plenty of time! You definitely DO NOT want to get stuck in the dark coming down (speaking from experience). Sunsets are glorious, but if you stay late make sure you have headlights for the hike down. I highly suggest bringing portable headlights with you to be on the safe side. There are many dangerous areas you can miss in the dark, and being prepared can make all the difference.
  • Bring plenty of water! To most hikers this is obvious, but because of the humidity and heat of Rio, you can never have too much water. Make sure you arm yourself with plenty of water for your journey. A large-sized water bottle should do the trick.
  • Be alert! Yes, there are little animals and snakes along the paths, so make sure you are always looking around you. Every time you embark on a journey into nature, you should always be aware of your surroundings. This is an important tip for not only this hike, but for anywhere you place your feet.
Pedra da Gavea at night

How to be Prepared for hiking PEDRA DA GÁVEA

This hike requires the highest level of comfort and strength. With the steep trails and the rock climbing, your feet need to be safe and secure inside a sturdy shoe. So put on your hiking shoes and enjoy the hike (and the views) of Pedra da Gavea! I highly recommend wearing hiking boots or a really good pair of tennis shoes. I would also invest in a good pair of hiking socks to keep your feet protected and safe. 

Pedra da Gavea

Hiking Pedra Da Gavea – PIN IT

Pedra da Gavea Pin

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