Diving with Dolphins in Eilat – the Most Incredible Underwater Experience

swimming with dolphins

The Red Sea is known for some spectacular diving, including diving with dolphins in Eilat. From the southern tip of Israel to sites in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and even the lesser known Sudan, diving is an activity that many are looking to do. In Eilat, Israel there are a few different options for diving, the Dolphin Reef being one of them.

Diving with Dolphins in Eilat

Location: Dolphin Reef, Eilat, Israel

The Dolphin Reef is a small piece of paradise, located in the Mediterranean Sea city of Eilat. The southernmost point of Israel, and adjacent to the Egyptian border, Eilat has some of the most breathtaking views and beaches on the Mediterranean. The Dolphin Reef is no exception. It offers private beaches and spas along with the opportunity to dive with the dolphins and aquatic life deep inside the Sea.

Can You Swim with Dolphins in Eilat?

My experience of diving at the Dolphin Reef was a great one! There are various diving packages to choose from, and I chose the day package. This included entrance to the private beach, restaurants, and spas as well as the diving experience.

If you are a beginner diver, there is a short education session before the dive, and you will be diving alongside a professional. Learning breathing and diving techniques with the scuba gear is important before entering the water. Experienced divers with a diving license have other options available, but being an experienced diver requires many hours of diving training.

This was something that I’ve always wanted to do – dive with dolphins in Eilat – and from the moment I entered the water, I was completely ecstatic! And actually having dolphins swimming around me was amazing – I could have stayed underwater with them forever! Even though I wasn’t allowed to approach the dolphins, the dolphins approached me. They are such incredible creatures and having them swimming around me was an experience I will never forget!

What to do at the Dolphin Reef?

Besides the dolphins, there are many species of fish and coral, which are spectacular as well. The whole adventure left me wanting to get my divers license and continue diving in other exotic locations around the world. 🙂

Outside the dive, the Dolphin Reef is a great location to spend the day. Not only is it a private beach (whereas the beaches in Eilat can get crazy crowded), there are fabulous spas with unique packages and gorgeous views of the sea. Spas and jacuzzi with options of salt water and fresh water, depending on your taste, are options for anyone inside the Reef. Floating decks suspended into the Sea bring sunbathing to a higher, more enjoyable, level. Lounging out on a floating deck with dolphins jumping in the water next to me is a view that can’t be beat.

How to Arrive at the Dolphin Reef

There are a few options of getting the the Dolphin Reef. Depending on where you are staying, you can catch a bus and get off right in front of the Reef. (Just remember busses don’t run on Saturday.) You can also take a taxi or drive if you have your own car. There is parking near the Reef.

What should I wear for Diving with Dolphins in Eilat?

You will be spending the day in the water or on the beach, so wearing beach wear is essential. Flip flops, crocks or even going barefoot is quite appropriate. While you’re diving with the dolphins, you will be wearing a diving suit, snorkel, and fins. All the equipment will be provided by the company you used for diving. I dove with the Dolphin Reef, so they provided the equipment, a how-to explanation pre-dive, and photos/videos if you want to add as an extra.

Diving with the dolphins in Eilat was definitely one of the highlights of a trip to Eilat, Israel!

Diving with Dolphins in Eilat
Diving with Dolphins in Eilat
Dolphins in Eilat
Dolphin Reef
Dolphin Reef

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