Salvador Dali Museum – Explore Your Artsy Side In Spain!

We decided to drive up to Figueres during our recent trip to Spain and check out the famous Salvador Dali Museum.. Adding a little art culture to our vacation sounded like a nice break from the usual walking around the city touristy activities.

SALVADOR DALI MUSEUM – Getting Artsy in Spain

Where is the Salvador Dali Museum located?

The Salvador Dali Museum is located in Figueres, Spain, and depending on where you are staying, it can be a bit of a drive – especially from Barcelona. Be prepared to pay a lot of tolls on the drive to and from. Driving around Figueres can be a little complicated with all the one-way roads, but the museum is unmistakable when you finally arrive.

Salvador Dali Museum

What can you do and see at the Salvador Dali Museum?

After finally finding parking, we headed to the entrance to buy our tickets (12 euros a person) to find a CRAZY LONG long line just to get in the museum. Mind you, we live in a country where the concept of lines BARELY exists, so waiting for an hour and a half in a line was already pushing us to our limits. And thank goodness for the few interesting street entertainers who kept us smiling.

Waiting in line for the Salvador Dali Museum

Once inside the museum, the museum was cramped with all the other tourists to see the exhibits. And while I am not an acclaimed art critic, I was disappointed with the museum. They did have a lot of exhibits, paintings, and structures, but the most famous pieces of Dali were not there. The exhibits were on the traveling display. And not even one famous clock paintings was there! While Dali himself is a very famous artist, we were a bit disappointed with the whole experience.

Overall, it was an event I could have done without on my trip. But then again, I guess I’m just not a surrealist. I did enjoy the section of the museum with paintings from his trip to Israel, but that’s because it was personal for me. I could have easily spent the day on the Barcelona beach or the coast of Costa Brava. But thats me! If you are an art enthusiast, you might enjoy this museum much more than I did. 🙂

How can you get to the Salvador Dali Museum?

Unless you are with a group tour on a tour bus, you pretty much need a car to arrive at the museum. You could take a taxi if you are located in a nearby city, but it might cost you a pretty penny.  Finding parking is a bit of a challenge, but there are a few parking lots located close enough to walk.

Walking around the SALVADOR DALI MUSEUM

Shoe Level: Comfy

You’ll be doing a fair amount of walking, so make sure you have on some comfortable footwear. Flip-flops, tennis shoes, even the infamous crocs – whatever your feel feel the most comfortable in. There’s no dress code inside the museum, but your feet will thank you.

Inside the Museum, Dali's car
The only clocks to be found were in the gift shop

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