Prague’s Bridges and Castles Are a Must-SEE!

Prague has a way of making you fall in love with her, seducing you with bridges and castles.  Yes, a lot of cities in the world have both bridges and castles, but Prague’s picturesque ones are none other than a breathtaking combination!

Prague’s Bridges & Castles

Where is Prague, Czech Republic located?

Prague is without a doubt one of my most favorite cities in Europe! With its spectacular views and breathtaking sceneries, I recommend this amazing city to everyone traveling inside Europe. And while there are many different aspects to the city and a variety of things to do and see, the two things that stuck out to me the most were the: Bridges and Castles.

What can you see and do in Prague?

Let’s start with the Prague Castle. With panoramic views of the entire city, the changing of the guard, and history with the walls, the Prague Castle is a MUST SEE while visiting the city. Founded in the 9th Century, the Castle has been home to numerous leaders. The church inside the Castle is simply stunning and quite overwhelming (as most of the historical churches in Europe are). If there is only one thing you see while in Prague, this should top the list.

Onward to the bridges. Now that you’ve see the Prague Castle, you must add the amazing bridges which connect the city -including the famous Charles Bridge – leading directly to the Castle to your list (cue the Mission Impossible music). A little history of the bridge: Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge in Prague. Getting its name from Charles IV in 1357 and was completed in 1402. Lined with statues of various saints, the bridge is seriously amazing!

No matter which bridge you cross, each bridge has a plethora of entertainers, musicians, street artists; and without a doubt, views to die for.

How can you get around Prague?

The city offers a few options of transportation for your viewing pleasure. I, for one, chose my 2 lovely feet for my touristy adventures, but if you choose to walk, know that it’s A LOT of walking! I literally went back to my hotel each night and completely crashed from pure exhausting, but that’s how I roll when I’m a tourist.

You can also jump on any of the city’s busses, trams, taxis or metro to take you from place to place. Each one is extremely easy to maneuver and master. For anyone staying a few days, I highly suggest getting a pass that allows you to use the metro or tram for various passages. Before you buy, make sure you check out all the options and know how long your ticket is valid for. I stayed in Prague for 5 days and my hotel was outside the city, so I took advantage of the tram pass to get in and out of the city each day. Great choice!

Walking Around Prague’s Bridges and Castles

Shoe Level: Very Comfy

Keep in mind that Prague is a very old city and therefore has many old cobblestone roads to venture down. Wearing comfortable shoes while touring the city is a must. There are also steep roads and passages to get up to the castle and crossing the bridges require a bit of walking. So strap on your comfy shoes and start exploring!

There are many historic places to visit and buildings to see while in Prague, but what makes it one of my favorite will always be the bridges and castles. Take a look for yourself….

Prague's Bridges and Castles
Prague's Bridges and Castles
Prague's Bridges and Castles
Prague's Bridges and Castles
Prague's Bridges and Castles

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