Love Locks Malta

Special Feature: Love Locks Malta

Love Locks Malta(or Love Padlocks as its also been called) has become a trendy custom all around the world. Beginning in the early 2000’s, Love Locks began popping up around famous European locations, and continuously spread from there.  The history of the love lock is believed to have originated from China, symbolically locking in the love forever. From Prague to Paris, bridges around the world can be seen filled with locks of love.

Cement Your Love as a Traveling Couple

The idea of a couple “locking” their love together with a padlock is a fun, romantic idea, with the notion of coming back to the location years later and hopefully the couple is still together.

I love the idea, and I love it when I stumble across a Love Locks location on my travels… especially when it has a fantastic background. And Love Locks Malta is no exception! The Love Locks location on the island of Malta has an awesome view: on the water with one of the gorgeous historical churches in the background. It’s seriously spectacular!

The island of Malta is romantic enough in its own right. I mean, I did meet my husband there after all. I’m thinking maybe we should go back on one of our anniversaries and make our own Love Locks.

And what’s not to love about that?!?

Love Locks Malta
Love Locks Malta
Love Locks Malta

Where is your favorite Love Lock Location?

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  1. Haven’t seen the Malta love locks…another one to add to the list! My favourite Love Lock Location is still Prague – that was my introduction. I keep looking for them while I travel now.

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