How to Keep Your Kids Entertained in the RV: 11 Awesome Kids Activities for an RV Trip

Taking an RV trip is exciting – not only for you but the kids too! During our Cruise America RV rental trip, we had the pleasure of road tripping all over Arizona. We explored national parks, spotted animals in nature, and spent valuable family time outdoors. But despite what you might see on Instagram, kids can’t hike every single day, all day long. And mine certainly won’t. So what else can you do? Here are a few of the kids activities for an RV trip we did with our 5-year old daughter to add to your list for your time on the road.

Learning Activities for RV Rental Trips

There are many opportunities to learn out in nature, so why not follow up with some learning activities? Thanks to Pinterest, I found some great kindergarten-aged worksheets for our daughter to work on as one of her kids activities for an RV trip. We made an alphabet book, did daily journals, and read books about what we were experiencing. 

kids activities for an RV trip: learning activities

Kids Activities for an RV Trip: Coloring Books

I don’t know about your children, but mine loves to color! Before our trip, we picked up some coloring books at the Dolar Store along with colored pencils, crayons, and markers. They make travel days so much easier for your young ones. 

kids activities for an RV trip: coloring books

Board Games to Take on Your RV Trip

Bringing a few board games is a great way to entertain your family during downtimes in the RV. Because we were coming internationally, we didn’t have any with us. But thanks to a few garage sales in the area, we were able to pick a few up for a couple of bucks. And yes, we did play Hi Ho Cherry Oh about a thousand times!

kids activities for an RV trip: board games

Lego Building Activities for RVs

Legos can be such a great activity for hours of fun inside the RV. We bought an RV lego set to put together as a fun reminder of our trip. It was a huge success and a fun reminder of our trip. Just remember to bring a sealed container for all the lego pieces – those bumps can mean disaster for your lego project. One of our favorite kids activities for an RV trip!

Kids Activities for an RV Trip: RV Holiday Crafts 

Are you traveling during a holiday? If so, it can be a great opportunity to put together holiday crafts together as a family during your RV trip. We took our trip right before Halloween, so we got a pumpkin and carved it together at one of the campsites. And we also enjoyed lighting him each night for a little ambiance.

kids activities for an RV trip: holiday crafts

Cooking Together in the RV

You’ll be spending much more time cooking on your RV trip than you might normally do, so this is your chance to get your kids involved. Have them help with the meal prep, dinner choices, and preparing the food. Mia loved helping out with the cooking. 

cooking together in an RV

National Park Jr. Ranger Programs at National Parks

The Jr. Ranger programs are one of the best ways to get your children excited about visiting national parks. With all the learning and fun activities, working on the books is not only fun at the parks, but we worked on the books back in the RV, too. And don’t forget the excitement that receiving and collecting the badges brings too!

Jr. Ranger Programs

Kids Activities for an RV Trip: Playing Outside at Campgrounds

Pack a ball and some outside toys for your kids to play with while at the campgrounds. And if you have the chance to bring bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, etc. make sure they come with you on your trip. There’s nothing like spending fun in the great outdoors as a family. 

kids activities for an RV trip: Playing outside at the playground

Looking for Wildlife on Your RV Trip

Searching and spotting wildlife can be a highlight for any RV trip, especially animals that you’ve never seen before. We were lucky to see mule deer at the Grand Canyon, roadrunners, donkeys, lots of small rodents and birds, and more on our trip. And Mia loved every opportunity of searching for local wildlife wherever we went.

 spotting wildlife from an RV

Kids Activities for an RV Trip: Family Hiking

Taking a family hike is a great way to get outdoors, spend time with family, exercise, and learn more about the environment you’re exploring. We took several family hiking trips during our RV trip – from campground trails to national park hikes. 

kids activities for an RV trip: family hiking

Videos and Shows

Yes, watching a few shows here and there won’t hurt the trip. We didn’t have internet in the RV, but I did download a few shows on our iPad before we left for Mia to watch. We watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Charlie Brown’s Christmas for some holiday watching. 

watching videos and shows in an RV

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