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safe covid-19 Travel: when and how to prepare?

safe covid-19 travel

UPDATED 2022: We were finally able to get out and take our first safe COVID-19 travel trip of the year! As the travel industry begins to open again, we took the opportunity to take a trip inside of Israel. And although it was so… Continue Reading “safe covid-19 Travel: when and how to prepare?”

Why I Love Israel: Top 10 Reasons, According to My 2-Year Old

Why do I love Israel? Although my 2-year old daughter is a dual citizen, she was born and is being raised in Israel. So, what better way to kick off her love for her country than a Top 10 List.

Becoming an Expat Mom

expat mom

The journey of becoming an expat mom hasn’t been the easiest or even ideal, but what would a journey be without a few obstacles along the way?