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Eilat for Families: The Ultimate Eilat Travel Guide

Eilat for Families Travel Guide

UPDATED 2022: Eilat for families is the ultimate vacation travel destination in Israel. From fun-in-the-sun attractions to unique desert activities, Eilat has it all for families of all ages! Incredible hotels, delicious eateries and entertaining day trips – what more could you ask for… Continue Reading “Eilat for Families: The Ultimate Eilat Travel Guide”

How to Make a Killer Media Kit

With the upsurge in social media and blogging influencers, comes the need to begin marketing yourself as a brand. After years of being a professional marketing writer and blogger, I finally jumped onboard and created my own media kit – yes, I’m a bit… Continue Reading “How to Make a Killer Media Kit”

Why I Started Limiting My Daughter’s Screen Time. And Mine Too.

One of the biggest fears of being a parent is keeping your child safe and healthy. There are so many factors that can contribute to this, with screen time being the most recent topic parents are dealing with. And as a parent of a… Continue Reading “Why I Started Limiting My Daughter’s Screen Time. And Mine Too.”

Why I Love Israel: Top 10 Reasons, According to My 2-Year Old

Why do I love Israel? Although my 2-year old daughter is a dual citizen, she was born and is being raised in Israel. So, what better way to kick off her love for her country than a Top 10 List.

Becoming an Expat Mom

expat mom

The journey of becoming an expat mom hasn’t been the easiest or even ideal, but what would a journey be without a few obstacles along the way?