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The Best Spring Travel Destinations Worldwide with 17 Travel Families

Favorite Spring Travel Destinations

Spring is just around the corner! And after a long (and sometimes cold) winter, most families are ready to get out and hit up their favorite Spring Travel Destinations. We know that this year many families won’t be able to travel like they normally… Continue Reading “The Best Spring Travel Destinations Worldwide with 17 Travel Families”

Yarkon National Park – History at Your Fingertips

Yarkon National Park

We’re excited to visit the Yarkon National Park as part of our National Park Challenge. Our goal is to visit every national park in Israel. We will be documenting all of our adventures via blog posts and on our Instagram account – Hochdorf family… Continue Reading “Yarkon National Park – History at Your Fingertips”

The Ultimate Eilat Travel Guide for Families

Eilat for Families Travel Guide

UPDATED: Eilat is the ultimate vacation travel destination in Israel for families. From fun-in-the-sun attractions to unique desert activities, Eilat has it all for families of all ages! Incredible hotels, delicious eateries and entertaining day trips – what more could you ask for on… Continue Reading “The Ultimate Eilat Travel Guide for Families”

safe covid-19 Travel: when and how to prepare?

safe covid-19 travel

We were finally able to get out and take our first safe COVID-19 travel trip of the year! As the travel industry begins to open again, we took the opportunity to take a trip inside of Israel. And although it was so great to… Continue Reading “safe covid-19 Travel: when and how to prepare?”

The Best Ways to Meet Disney Characters with a Toddler – NO LINES

Meet Disney Characters

One of the many magical experiences about Disney World, especially for little ones, is getting to meet their favorite Disney Characters. For us, it was all our little Mia talked about for days – meeting Mickey and Minnie! And while it really is such… Continue Reading “The Best Ways to Meet Disney Characters with a Toddler – NO LINES”

How to Make a Killer Media Kit

With the upsurge in social media and blogging influencers, comes the need to begin marketing yourself as a brand. After years of being a professional marketing writer and blogger, I finally jumped onboard and created my own media kit – yes, I’m a bit… Continue Reading “How to Make a Killer Media Kit”

Athens for Families Travel Guide

Athens for Families

Athens is an awe-inspiring city, rich with history and culture. Not just for adults, Athens for families can be an incredible experience with unforgettable memories. From the amazing Acropolis to adorable neighborhoods like Plaka, I’ve put together a travel guide for families looking for… Continue Reading “Athens for Families Travel Guide”

Baby Travel: Two Travellers and a Baby, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Baby Travel

Once upon a time my husband and I traveled like crazy. I mean, crazy. Pretty much every two months or less.  We even met in Malta, then married in Cyprus. Needless to say, we lived and breathed for our travel time. Then came the baby… Continue Reading “Baby Travel: Two Travellers and a Baby, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria”

Marry a Girl Who Travels

Mommy Mo in the desert

There’s been a few blog posts going around about dating girls who travel. First there was Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels, which led to the follow-up, Date a Girl Who Travels. Both were great in their own ways, but I’m going to take it… Continue Reading “Marry a Girl Who Travels”

My Fairy Tale Wedding in Disguise

Fairy tale wedding

I’ve never really been a huge romance girl.  Sure, I love watching Romantic Comedies, snuggle up with a good cry, and fantasize about it happening in “real life“.  Running off for The Fairy Tale Wedding in a faraway land.  Always sounded magical, but a… Continue Reading “My Fairy Tale Wedding in Disguise”