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Rome in a Day

Can you see Rome in a day? That’s the question many people have in mind when planning a trip to the Eternal City. In this guide, we’ll help you plan your trip to Rome in a day with site recommendations, transportation options, and lots… Continue Reading “Rome in a Day”

How to Find Awesome RV Campgrounds in Europe

How to find Awesome RV Campgrounds in Europe

RV Camping in Europe is similar in many ways to camping in the US but also difficult in others. We took a 2-week RV trip from Rome to Paris, and one of the most challenging parts of the trip was finding campgrounds where we… Continue Reading “How to Find Awesome RV Campgrounds in Europe”

Is a Day at Disneyland Paris Worth It?

Is Disneyland Paris Worth It?

For many hard-core Disney fans, visiting all the Disney parks around the world is a bucket list item. There are 12 Disney parks, worldwide, and Disneyland Paris (also known as Euro Disney) is the only park currently located in Europe. But is a trip… Continue Reading “Is a Day at Disneyland Paris Worth It?”

Athens for Families Travel Guide

Athens for Families

Athens is an awe-inspiring city, rich with history and culture. Not just for adults, Athens for families can be an incredible experience with unforgettable memories. From the amazing Acropolis to adorable neighborhoods like Plaka, I’ve put together a travel guide for families looking for… Continue Reading “Athens for Families Travel Guide”

Two Travelers and a Baby, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Baby Travel

Once upon a time my husband and I traveled like crazy. I mean, crazy. Pretty much every two months or less.  We even met in Malta, then married in Cyprus. Needless to say, we lived and breathed for our travel time. Then came the baby… Continue Reading “Two Travelers and a Baby, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria”

Paris Layover in 3 Hours?!? Crazy, but NOT Impossible!

3 Hours in Paris: Mission Impossible? We give you these travel tips on how to make the impossible, possible!

Florence: Italy, Honeymoon, Day 3

Florence lucky pig

Journey through Italy with us, while we discover this historical country on our honeymoon.

Rome: Italy Honeymoon, Day 2

Rome Colosseum

Journey through Italy with us, while we discover this historical country on our honeymoon.

My Fairy Tale Wedding in Disguise

Fairy tale wedding

I’ve never really been a huge romance girl.  Sure, I love watching Romantic Comedies, snuggle up with a good cry, and fantasize about it happening in “real life“.  Running off for The Fairy Tale Wedding in a faraway land.  Always sounded magical, but a… Continue Reading “My Fairy Tale Wedding in Disguise”

Ice Skating in Hamburg Germany

Ice Skating

With the Winter Olympics in full gear, ice skating has once again taken its spot in our hearts. Triple Axels, Double Loops, Salchows… moves that are made to look easy on television, but a little more tricky in reality! But one thing is sure,… Continue Reading “Ice Skating in Hamburg Germany”

How to Plan a Day Trip to Gozo

A Day in Gozo

The island of Gozo has become a popular tourist venue for day trips and tours around the island. During our 5 day trip to Malta, we decided to hop on over to spend a day in Gozo.

Have You Experienced Christmas Markets in Hamburg, Germany?

Christmas Market

There’s really nothing more like Christmas than the Christmas Markets in Hamburg, Germany! Freezing weather, Christmas lights and decorations everywhere. Tons and tons of holiday-filled booths, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire and that ever so famous German Gluhwein.

Should You Visit Varna, Bulgaria in the Winter?


You might be thinking… the Beach Resort town of Varna, Bulgaria, in the Winter?!? Sounds a bit silly to most who are looking for a sunny, beach getaway. But for many, the winter months offer much more than laying on the beach.

Traveling around Spain: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

A big question for all of us while traveling around Spain is how to get from Point A to Point B.  The majority of tourists use their two legs to get around, although most big cities have various methods of public transportation available…. the… Continue Reading “Traveling around Spain: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”