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The Ultimate 10-Day Arizona Road Trip Itinerary for Your Next Trip

This 10-day Arizona road trip itinerary is one of the best road trips in the southwest of the United States. If you’re looking to travel through Arizona and see the Grand Canyon, Sedona, incredible desert landscapes, and additional national parks, this is for you!

The Best Spring Travel Destinations Worldwide with 17 Travel Families

Favorite Spring Travel Destinations

Spring is just around the corner! And after a long (and sometimes cold) winter, most families are ready to get out and hit up their favorite Spring Travel Destinations. We know that this year many families won’t be able to travel like they normally… Continue Reading “The Best Spring Travel Destinations Worldwide with 17 Travel Families”

Queen of Sheba in Eilat

Since my first trip to Eilat, I have coveted staying at the luxurious and ever-so elegant, Queen of Sheba Hotel. Now my dream has come true….

Travel Stocking Stuffers

Travel Stocking Stuffers

The holidays are quickly approaching and you might be looking for those perfect travel stocking stuffers for your favorite traveler! Look no more! Here are a few ideas to get your started this year….

Should You Visit Varna, Bulgaria in the Winter?


You might be thinking… the Beach Resort town of Varna, Bulgaria, in the Winter?!? Sounds a bit silly to most who are looking for a sunny, beach getaway. But for many, the winter months offer much more than laying on the beach.