Have You Experienced Christmas Markets in Hamburg Germany?

Christmas Market

There’s really nothing more like Christmas than the Christmas Markets in Hamburg, Germany! Freezing weather, Christmas lights and decorations everywhere. Tons and tons of holiday-filled booths, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire and that ever so famous German Gluhwein.

Drinking Gluhwein at Christmas Markets in Hamburg, Germany

How do you describe Gluhwein if you’re not a German? Here goes: hot, bad wine.

I’m sure its one of those things you need to acquire a taste for, because I wanted to spit it out the first gulp -and I love wine! The fact that everywhere you go, there are rows and rows of booths filled with people standing outside around barrels, in unbelievably low temperatures, drinking gluhwein and having a merry time is completely mind-boggling! Yes, I can admit the atmosphere is awesome and festive, but this is a desert girl speaking. I need heat! Ok, I know that’s what the hot gluhwien is for, but URGH! Take a look at my very first try at Gluhwien:

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Other than the taste of Gluhwein, I LOVED everything about the Christmas Markets in Hamburg, Germany. If they don’t get you into the Holiday Spirit, then you are a Scrooge, indeed. Christmas Carols all around you. Trinkets for just about anything you would ever want or need for Christmas. Giant Nutcrackers. Christmas Trees everywhere. Lights. Gifts. It’s all very magical!

The final touch of Christmas had to be the chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Yes, there were actual chestnuts roasting in one of the booths. And of course, who was roasting them? Santa, himself. It was cherry on top of the magic these markets bring. Add in a sprinkling of snow, and you’ve got a holly jolly Christmas all around.

So, if you’re looking for Christmas in Germany, look no further! The Christmas market is your one-stop shop to all things Christmas!

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