The Magnificent Masada – What You Need to Know


A visit to Israel isn’t complete without a day on top of Masada. The ancient fortress on top of the Judaean Desert has some of the most spectacular views in all of Israel, including the Dead Sea!

Reaching the Top

There are two options to get to the top. Hiking or Cable Car. If you want the experience and challenge of hiking all the way to the top, get out your hiking boots, because it’s a trek. It can take anywhere from an hour to two hours, depending on your pace. Or you prefer the quick Cable Car ride to the top, that’s an option too. (For us, lazier types.) The views from both options are incredible, so have your camera ready.

Once you reach the summit, the breathtaking landscape below reaches as far as the eye can spy. Desert all around you with the Dead Sea in your view.

Masada, the Incredible

I recently had the privilege of attending a Bar Mitsvah at Masada, and it was nothing less than spectacular! Surrounded by ancient ruins and historical significance, it was the perfect location for such a special, life changing ceremony and celebration. It can also be the location for weddings, family gatherings or personal reflection.

Masada is not only just a tourist attraction, it’s an important historical monument. It’s actually an ancient fortress, and derives its name from such. (Masada means fortress in Hebrew.) It’s seen its fair share of wars, from early 37 BC during the reign of Herod the Great to the siege of Masada. This was one of the final takeovers in the Jewish-Roman war.

So whether you’re looking for a slice of history or just some incredible views, add Masada to you list of Tourist Attractions to visit in the Holy Land. Not only can you spend the day in the heights of the desert mountains, you can descend down to the Dead Sea and enjoy the salty, cleansing waters at the Lowest Point on Earth. A Two for One Destination!

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