How to Plan a Day Trip to Gozo

A Day in Gozo

Planning on taking a day trip to Gozo? The island of Gozo has become a popular tourist venue for day trips and tours around the island. During our 5 day trip to Malta, we decided to hop on over to spend a day in Gozo. Here’s what to expect.

Gozo – Just a Ferry Ride Away from Malta

To get to Gozo from Malta, simply jump on the ferry. The Gozo Channel Ferry trip only takes about 20 minutes.  The views from the ferry are fantastic, providing lots of photo ops. The ferry, itself, is very comfortable and has inside and outside seating, as well as food and drinks.

Once we arrived in Gozo we decided to take a City Sightseeing Tour on the Hop on Hop off Busses. Even with all my travels throughout the years this was my first time taking an actual sightseeing tour bus tour, and I’m so glad we did!

The option the bus system provides is the ability to jump off at any of the tour stops, check out the area, and then jump back on to the next bus. The buses travel all around the entire island, stopping at the most popular and important attractions Gozo has to offer. The tickets cost 15 Euros per person, which we were able to buy on the Ferry.

Our Day Trip to Gozo

Our day in Gozo was a bit chilly, considering it was the winter season, so we spent most of the tour on the inside of the bus. Though we did brave a few stops on top for the incredible views. We also took a short boat trip at one of the stops, into tunnels and amazing rock formations that surround the island. The boat ride is highly recommended, and the pictures you can get from on the water are simply stunning! (See some of my shots, below.)

Gozo is an incredibly beautiful island, and if you have an extra day for sightseeing during your Malta trip, it’s a must see. Definitely plan a day trip to the island!

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  1. Hello there! I just finished reading your delightful blog post about your day trip to Gozo, and I couldn’t resist sharing my excitement with you. Your storytelling took me on a virtual journey, and I felt like I was right there with you, exploring the beauty and charm of this idyllic island.

    Your attention to detail was fantastic, from the picturesque landscapes to the quaint streets and historical sites. It’s evident that Gozo left a profound impression on you, and your genuine enthusiasm shines through in every word you wrote.

    I particularly loved how you described your adventures, from swimming in the azure waters of the Blue Lagoon to discovering the fascinating history of the Ggantija Temples. Your experiences are a testament to the magic of travel and how it enriches our lives with cherished memories.

    Your blog post has inspired me to add Gozo to my travel bucket list. It seems like the perfect destination for a memorable day trip, and your tips and insights will undoubtedly come in handy when I plan my visit.

    Thank you for sharing your Mommy & Me adventure with us. Your blog is a treasure trove of travel inspiration, and I’m looking forward to reading more about your exciting escapades. Keep up the excellent work and happy travels to you and your little one!

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