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Israel’s Underwater National Park – Coral Reef Nature Reserve

Coral Reef Nature Reserve

We made a huge splash at our third national park visit at Coral Reef Nature Reserve in our National Park Challenge. Our goal is to visit every national park (NP) in Israel. We are also photo documenting all of our adventures via our Instagram… Continue Reading “Israel’s Underwater National Park – Coral Reef Nature Reserve”

Eilat for Families: The Ultimate Eilat Travel Guide

Eilat for Families Travel Guide

UPDATED 2022: Eilat for families is the ultimate vacation travel destination in Israel. From fun-in-the-sun attractions to unique desert activities, Eilat has it all for families of all ages! Incredible hotels, delicious eateries and entertaining day trips – what more could you ask for… Continue Reading “Eilat for Families: The Ultimate Eilat Travel Guide”

safe covid-19 Travel: when and how to prepare?

safe covid-19 travel

UPDATED 2022: We were finally able to get out and take our first safe COVID-19 travel trip of the year! As the travel industry begins to open again, we took the opportunity to take a trip inside of Israel. And although it was so… Continue Reading “safe covid-19 Travel: when and how to prepare?”

Why I Love Israel: Top 10 Reasons, According to My 2-Year Old

Why do I love Israel? Although my 2-year old daughter is a dual citizen, she was born and is being raised in Israel. So, what better way to kick off her love for her country than a Top 10 List.

Queen of Sheba in Eilat

Since my first trip to Eilat, I have coveted staying at the luxurious and ever-so elegant, Queen of Sheba Hotel. Now my dream has come true….

Eilat Underwater Observatory Marine Park

Where can you see sharks, sea turtles, exotic fish, and an amazing underwater view of the Red Sea Reef all in the middle of the desert?!? At the one and only Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat!

Eilat Ice Mall, Israel

Eilat Ice Mall

Where else can you find the coolest mall in the hottest place in Israel? Only at the Ice Mall in Eilat!

Diving with Dolphins in Eilat

swimming with dolphins

The Red Sea is known for some spectacular diving, including diving with dolphins in Eilat. From the southern tip of Israel to sites in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and even the lesser known Sudan, diving is an activity that many are looking to do.… Continue Reading “Diving with Dolphins in Eilat”